XMR - Monero


goin to get intresting i bought some xmr


Monero paring back from the all time high… understandable if you look at the longterm graph…:

If people are still into it, it can all time high again… market cap is at ~100million$

Interesting will be exchanges of these “fungible” cryptonote coins




Don’t you people, who invest in Monero, get worried about volume on XMR? 98% of volume with XMR is made on Polo and that lasts for days now… almost all this price growth is here due to Polo investments… Not sure how to think about it but am not touching that coin with more then 0,0X BTC… If I do even that…

Any thoughts on this?


I think that the centralization of trading of XMR is what allows it to be manipulated upward and vice versa. I don’t know where it will go I am not playing it but it does interest me because of cryptonote protocol. I think that it is a precursor to what can be accomplished in the space. And also, I think that distribution of the coin is flawed where for two years majority of the coins are mined out by bot nets and that is only a consequence of lack of trust in the coin by general people until recently.

Most of the buys are through bitcoin holders who are adopting XMR and they likely did not come into the coin through mining, even though it is easier to mine than say… bitcoin or ether.

My target blockchain implementation can be related, I won’t give up the secret sauce until beta test but I think that one we launch you’d want to touch. :sunrise:


Monero pulls back off of height in recent rally

People voting that coinbase adopts monero.


XMR ~same price as yesterday



today start new xmr monero pool for home computers. Url at here: http://xmr.foreverpool.org/


Monero taken down versus the Bitcoin rally.



Nice play @Macmacmjau XMR winded up 10% after your post

Happy to follow you



No offense but this looks like a triple top on XMR off of some exit pumps


Monero is a decentralized blockchain which allows for complete anonymity of the transactions of its users when they use its network.

Monero Technology

  • Monero runs on the CryptoNight algorithm, which is distinct from the SHA-256 algorithm Bitcoin runs on. The algorithm emerged from the CryptoNote protocol, which allows for transactions on the blockchain to be ‘mixed’ with each other, making it difficult to trace where they actually originated from.

  • Since multiple sets of transactions being conducted on the Monero network are mixed with each other

According to industry estimates, the 5-year forecast for Monero Price is around $1300.