windows wallet still not working


Yup I know :slight_smile: but what is 24-48 hours, nothing but a couple hours and again, the wallet is a nice upgrade but what will really affect the price of SAFEX will not be it’s wallet but really depend on the Chille Blockchain itself and that’s another 3-6 months so why bother with small details like a wallet delayed a couple days was my main point really :wink:


Also give the team some slack, they’ve just come home and need some time to rest and regroup. I have no doubt we will get the wallet today


We heard from Dan today. They are in the office as I type this syncing the wallet for release.


Great update. Thanks Dusko!


Dusko’s post is from 9 hours ago. My post above is from about 2 hours ago when we chatted with Dan…


I started in 8-8-2017 dropped $7000 into safex because I believed in it that much. My wallet is at this moment 6199.25 USD and falling I’m not selling anything, but what’s with the continued dropping? All because no wallet? Or is there something else I’m missing.


Hello Safeant23,

I think you believe in Daniel’s and the team’s vision. If you can try not to think much about the day to day. There is always a great deal of psychology with trading behavior that is sometimes hard to understand. If you do trust in the vision then you will be able to hold during the good times and the storms. Let’s hold together my friend and ignore the headwinds. This has a big potential for a massive upside and many many people will sell hard at bottoms or retracements. That never changes. I hope this gives you some encouragement during times like this. Remember a loss is never a loss until you sell. Usually with emotions involved. That is a sure way to lose money.

All the best…


It’s just enough time to stack up more Safex.


@MrJ exactly :wink: But yeah that’s the sad part with community like that is that you have people so fucking stressed out for all and everything and that have simply zero patience and zero tolerance to risk but that come in a sphere (investment) that require you to have both (Patience and High risk tolerance).

People also don’t seems to understand the difference between short,medium and long term trades and always join in a huge project under development and somehow expect everything to fast and to make x 100 their investment in like days so they go stupidly all in, selling their car,get a mortgage their house and sell their wife and kids and then they are to the verge of panic every time something move up or down and go crazy when it’s not going back up exactly in the 2 hours range they expected etc.

Golden rules in investment:

1-Spend only what you can afford to loose

2-Never put all your eggs in one basket (Spread your risk into multiple investments not just putting all you have in one)

3-Learn to decide upfront for each investments exactly the reason you invest: Short swing profit, medium x2 profit and leave or Long term investment believing in a project that you plan to leave your money for at least 6 month to 1 year because you trust said project and hope for a 100x + ROI/pos/masternode whatever that will be a long term investment.

4-Never Panic Sell as about 80% of the time you will regret it because either the price will come back up or not only will it go back up but the project will skyrocket and you will hate yourself for leaving too soon and missing profit or even losing money on panic selling

5-Buy in the dip and Hodl till you get your targeted profit

6-Don’t be greedy, do smart investments that are base on something that people want or need, this way you will avoid just joining a Hype or a pump and dump and end up with the bag.

7-CALM THE FUCK DOWN ( if you are a easily stressed or insecure person, consider investing even smaller investement (5-10% of your available stash to try and lower the stress, also put some buy/sells orders to simply make your profit without having to stop sleeping and wasting your time 24/7 in front of a chart or you’ll die young with cancer and shit out of all this stress) if the above still not calming you, consider that investment might be to stressful and that this might not be for you .


Milan Radosavljevic
PR & Marketing Manager

That is the man that need to stay in contact with us… Not someone who is not directly busy with the project…


I think 0.016 is a resistance,
if the wallet is finally there price will jump up