windows wallet still not working


That’s fine, once a company has grown enough to afford the wages of the PR person. Until then, we have to be patient. If you invest in early stage companies, you’re investing in potential, not the finished product.


I sincerely couldn’t care if the wallet is released today or next week. Roadmaps are guidelines. Sure, they raised money and are beholden now to a degree to report. The notion that the price is going to dip until the wallet comes out is silly. It is nothing more than a buying opportunity. Target date is August 9th but there’s no formal unveiling or ribbon cutting to be had. The ship is not going to set sail with crew on board, waiting. It’s the release of a wallet, which is a marker to be sure but not a demarcation line. I hope it goes below 500. Talk about weak hands easily shaken out. It’s sad because people will lose money for no good reason, in my opinion only. Perhaps I’m wrong but this is my perspective.


so you agree that it is a buying opportunity! hahahah


@ddabek went to the slack channel and explained the progress a few days ago. He also told us he has gotten around 2 hours of sleep in 3 days. They are doing their best. less bugs = more happy ppl.


if interested
buy now
why buy in the green?


no point in releasing a wallet you have to keep updating


I agree, but if you make a promise you should keep it. If they’ve said the wallet will be released today, they should release it. No one made them promise a date, they voluntarily offered a date. If they don’t release it on time, or fail to explain why the release is delayed, it makes investors like us question other things they say.

The Golden rule is, “under-promise and over-deliver”, but this is the opposite. If they tell us the wallet will be available in September and deliver it in August everyone is happy. Do it the other way around and everyone is upset. It’s very simple.


Fair point
Today isn’t over


@crs if something as insignificant as the release a new wallet not exactly on the date/time/second expected make you nervous, I think you should consider rethinking doing investment, people that act like this and create FUD out of thin air because they are insecure people or simply weak traders that trade with their feeling and not with their logic are what create useless fear in the market everyday and make people panic sell. People that can read between the line or that have worked in any business field will tell you that “deadlines” are too make sure people push work and are not slacking in huge companies but in the end, rarely any companies manage to meet said deadline and they don’t close doors for that…you FUD sprayers need to relax or simply sell so that we can buy cheap and stop spreading lies and FUD around. no offense to you personally crs


Almost finished… :slight_smile:


I understand your frustration. But I would say let’s be calm and patient. It would be horrible to get rushed product and lose everything.


Daniel pracuje nad portfelem, podczas eventu w Polsce niemal możliwości odpalenia go wczoraj wrócił do siedziby safex o działa wiem że spał krótko aby jak najszybciej zakończyć testy i uruchomić portfel, jestem z nim w stałym kontakcie i czuje się bardzo bezpiecznie , posiadam safex na 30 000 dol. Bo wiem co będzie dalej :slight_smile:


Ja widziałem portfel bezpośrednio na komputerze Daniela wszytko jest w jak największym porządku opóźnienie spowodowane jest w znacznym stopniu podróżą Daniela i spotkaniami z deweleperami proszę o chwilę cierpliwości a każdy będzie zadowolony


Doing something right takes time. I’m sure we would all rather have a top notch wallet worthy of our bullish attitudes as oppose to something that’s incomplete or subpar to these expectation. I have no doubt that we’re in good hands and it will be more than worth the wait.


Każdy będzie zadowolony z portfela


I’m not trying to create FUD. Just stating a fact that’s all. The wallet wasn’t delivered on time, how can you argue with that? There seems to be a lot of emotion involved on this forum. No need to call me “insecure” because I disagree with you! I hope you have a great day “wallet-less” :joy:


Didnt they just get back the day before from a conference that is important to the overall landscape of the business? When doing a roadmap you don’t factor in those things, If the wallet isnt out in a week panic. Good news is we get to scoop up on the Fear.


I’m invested in many coin and I’m just tired to see people with simply zero patience that want instant result and that seemingly have no idea that such a venture require time. Of course you are entitled to your criticism and I’ll be the first to point if something make no sense with this project but that part about “if you make a promise you should keep it” sound really childish of a reaction -_- I really don’t understand why impatient people get into trading at the first place knowing that those that panic sell or those that leave early are always the one saying “damn, look at bitcoin now, imagine if I would have believe in it and get some 7 years ago” XD

Don’t get me wrong CRS, I joined this coin only a couple of days ago so for me this yet another long term investment that “I can afford to lose” so I never panic about my investements because I don’t go all in and stop sleeping for a month because “OMG but they “PROMISED” me we were going to disney…hum I mean that we were going to have a wallet today and now I’m sad and they have totaly lost my trust for not do what they “PROMISED” me” :wink:


PS: Daniel Dabek comment on Twitter regarding the wallet :wink: I can live with a couple hours delay from the original “Promised day” we don’t talk years,months,weeks but simply a couple days that most people that ever been in charge of a project will know that sometimes you cannot plan everything and that stuff gets in the way so that’s why when you know these thing you don’t go crazy each time a deadline is not met 100% accurately :wink:


no criticisms here, just informing you that sync of the blockchain can take a long time (day+)