windows wallet still not working



Why is the Desktop wallet still not downloadable from the site? If I click on it nothing happens, the seems to be more people with the issue… I mean the initial deadline was 5th of august, it is now 9th of august.

On the site the button is already there, so yea people click on it but nothing happens, I think that is weird… For the project to succeed these things must be in place. Right Now it is better to just remove the button, and explain to people that you guys are busy with the wallet.

I wanted to buy into the project, but now I doubt…

gr robert bramhall


The official release date as been announced to be the 9th of August so technically today if everything work as expected so don’t worry you should be able to access it soon :slight_smile: we all wait for this addition really and I’m sure this will be delivered in due time :wink:


allright, thanks alot, I am interested to buy in big time…


Go to bittrex and pick it up now then just move it to wallet tomorrow


You need to relax a little mate…


Come now, but these are fair points. They’ve moved forward this far. Let’s be nice to these guy and let them get it right.


My point exactly. The days not over.


I’m sure that dev team is giving 100% to deliver. The day isn’t over! Just sit back and watch the cutting edge technology do its magic!


I agree with you buddy! People have no patience! These guys are doing this thing right with an excellent idea and an excellent road map. Keep it up!!!


@rothunder, I’m right there with you! It’s a positive movement for everyone! :rocket::grin:


It is only 10 am where I am at. Plenty of time. Chill a bit and have a drink.


maybe have 10 drinks so you can pass out and wake up to Mars :rocket::artificial_satellite::alien::rocket:


my point is: it is ok to take your time for something… But I want transparency… If we want to go to mars we need these things in place… and above all, we need transparency… I dont like when there is a button to download the wallet, but nothing happens when I click on it… strange… tell the people that you are busy… but we hear nothing… zero…


I understand. I am getting a little frustrated too. Just having a laugh. Hopefully they are so busy with the release they haven’t even thought to let us know! In the meantime maybe a vodka soda at 10am is a good idea.


But if you spend all your time telling people that you’re busy, you’ll never actually achieve anything. We had an update yesterday evening, I’d expect another this evening or tomorrow morning. This is not a big company with a team of public relations staff, and actually, I prefer it this way


@robertos1986, I totally see where you’re coming from. Transparency is paramount, especially when you have paying investors waiting for a product. They said the wallet would be out, once they returned to home base. In the slack chat Dan said they were on their way back from Berlin. And that was just yesterday. All is well.


I think they forgot to press; enter! I am seeing all kinds of different sceneries at the office…


Couldn’t have said it better myself! I’m a developer and it can get annoying constantly giving updates… JUST LET ME WORK haha


the people want to know what is going on, running a crypto is not only making a perfect script and wallet it is also about PR… and communication…


that why there should be someone busy with PR and things like that… the developer should not make the updates… it is the PR person…