Why still so many questions about wallet usage despite safex wallet tutorial?


That was probably it. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, glad we got it sorted out.


Dan is really busy around the Balkaneum project (that is interlocked with SAFEX). Once the house is complete he will no doubt get to making the roof (which is the UI optimization) for mass usage. In the mean time, us, early adopters, I think are smart enough to deal with the rough patches of unpolished software. :slight_smile:


buenas, disculpa la molestia, yo tengo el mismo problema con mi billetera, como lo solucionaste…? lo de la sincronizacion, cuanto tiempo lleva eso…


Just curious, how many developers are on the safex team now?


Guys any issues sending safex from wallet 0.0.2 to tradesatoshi? Or must upgrade to 0.0.5 first??


hey guys and gals.

Is it normal for your coins to take a certain amount of time before posting in your wallet? Im trying to upgrage wallets from ver 0.02 to the latest version. i downloaded the wallet and installed fine. the latest version shows 0 balance. my old ver 0.02 shows the full balance. tried using the priv key into the latest version. it works but still shows zero balance. Any ideas?


archive then unarchive. classic problem.


ty for the response strangecharm.

do you mean tabbing between the home and the archive tab?


After playing around with it a bit strange i got it. ty