Who is buying Safex at these Fire Sale prices?


I’m guessing BTC fomo


Is the btc fork going ahead anyway?



I just bought 150k :slight_smile: When will we be able to read the whitepaper?


It’s not so much about the price, its just so much more what the system offers. I believe Safex is the best bet in dodging all these imposed fiat currency restrictions and getting us back on free trade that we lost with the gold standard. And making a few bucks along the way. :wink:


Its like Snowden said “Saying you don’t care about right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don’t care about right of free speech 'cause you have nothing to say.”


Bought more safe exchange coin today… was down to 107 satoshis again… had to buy 12k … :slight_smile:


hello all, im new to this forum and i am a large holder of safex im also only 6 months in doing crypto so yes im a newbie …the question i have after i just read all postings above about price is i bought alot around 340 sats but bitcoin was also around 3000 but now bitcoin almost tripple that around 8300 so hence why safex is hovering around 100 sats…so tell me if im wrong but the price using bitcoin to purchase at 350 vs 100 im still spending the same amount of us dollars …in my opinion if bitcoin hits 10,000 by end of next month safex will prob be arong 50 0r 60 sats and my point is if i by more at 60 sats i still spent the same amount of money that i did at 340 sats bc remember bitcoin has shot up so i feel safex has no price movement no matter the sat movement …looking forward to getting this project started bc im here just like you all for the bigger picture


Your analysis is correct.

Barring major Safex announcements or developments I expect the Safex price to stay around .0089-.0012 USD.

This matters based on if you’re buying in USD of buying from bitcoins you purchased, held, and which appreciated. If you bought and held btc and buy Safex at .0011 USD you might really be buying at .0066 USD.

If Bitcoin continues to climb the Safex price should fall in terms of Satoshis, unless there is a reoccurance of the previous bull market leading to an increase of price in all coins/tokens. This may be the case based on market prices over the last few days.

The only exception I see to the two points above are if there’s a pump and dump in Safex. I.e. People accumulate coins prior to the Alpha blockchain announcement, hype the price, then sell. This may be occurring as I type this, as Safex just exceeded .0011 USD for the first time in a while, a lot of buys being filled. We should expect this behavior - it’s what I’d do.

Of course, one would need to be able to distinguish between a legitimate rise prior to an announcement and something orchestrated, otherwise you miss a very good buying opportunity.


Part of me wished I had just stayed in BTC, would have 3x by now, instead of hovering around the same price.

But with the upcoming timeline, SAFEX has a chance to outperform BTC.


I agree with that regret Webber, furthermore a part of me is concerned that when Bitcoin has a price correction, it’s going to be significant and may derail things for a while. Ultimately with something like this project it’s going to be a great success or a failure, no in between.



Whoa! There she blows! That’s one hell of a whale wall.


That wall is there to make people sell below 115 so the whale can buy more cheap safex. As people buy into the wall the whale will just buy below 115 and profit. So don’t buy down the wall it will only help the whale. Just buy small and more often to get your safex and you will gain and not the whale.


The wall is falling very fast. In fact, some investor took a 20 BTC bite out of it in a single buy. I don’t think the Whale is very happy.


It would appear that Safex investors are not easily scared :joy:


The whale will be happy, just watch the price will drop again below 115. In any case I’d say the whale is amongst us and has cheered the price up before when the last pump-n-dump occurred. That whale will have bought the coin at below 100, and now set up the wall to get some more at low prices. Everyone else who wishes to sell to get BTC has to sell at 114 or less and the whale will have been the major buyer.

So that 20 BTC buy into the wall will be converted by the whale to safex and the whale ends up with 1-5% more safex than when they started. So buying into the wall is only helping the whale. It is very rare that a wall is bought out and the price never returns.

That 20 BTC would have been better used to buy at 114 and deny the whale.

Remember that the whale will eventually remove the wall themselves anyhow. Its no skin off our noses for the price to remain low for the time being. We are after the long term (years) and the dividends. So until the market place is out there I say let the price remain very low, it helps the small person get some safex.