Who is buying Safex at these Fire Sale prices?


Dammit safex jumped up today, was going to get more at the low prices lol

Good to see that SAFEX is moving opposite of BTC

The whale that sold before is buying back now, huge jumps like this can only happen from larger investors.


Was ready to jump in sub 100, in a big way, but happy it’s up 40% today as I’m already in. Fork in a few days, so it’s possible we’ll get a chance to buy Safex cheap again - fingers crossed.


yup. no need to be hasty, I think one or two more waves of panic sellers and sell walls will spring up


thanks man, if I’m lucky I’ll be able to do well from it and not have to worry too much. I wish you and the rest the best as well, can’t wait to see what the future holds


you too mate :slight_smile:


I noticed that in the last few days BTC was rising yet Safex was not so much dropping as being reasonably steady (as far as markets go) and decided to convert my BTC dust into a few 10s of thousands of SAFEX rather than hope it will drop below 95 again. It seems that the alts dropping has slowed and stopped even before the current BTC drop. I see this as those who are taking btc out of the alts have finished and the alts are no longer bleeding.

My guess is that the low has already occurred

But as always the advice is buy small and more often spread over time. Heading this advice has gotten me much more coin than listening to any “FOMO buy now” advice.


I really want to get more Safex :slight_smile:


I believe we haven’t seen the real lows yet.

Currently monitoring BTC, as long as BTC is above the Cloud on the 4H, above both Tenkan sen and Kijun sen on a Vanilla Ichimoku setup, I won’t get into Safex.

IMO now is not the time to get into Safex as BTC is about to test support.


I bet you 1000 Safex that we don’t see the price < 100 sat for the rest of the year.


Either way I’m buying up several thousand worth over the next few weeks and staying happy after


Exactly! No matter which way it goes, we win.


Exactly! Up or down doesn’t matter to me, as I am already in and want more of it!


I missed the sub-100 prices today, and I’m kicking myself for it. I don’t believe it will ever go that low again.


i just bought another wopping 5k safex :blush:


Safex was “promoted” (soft pump) by a Telegram pump group (Crypto Trading Signals) this week… that’s why we were up 45% on the day at one point.

This post on the Safex Reddit was possibly part of the effort to get as much people as possible to buy in the soft pump: https://www.reddit.com/r/safex/comments/7b7jyg/safex_about_to_moon_buy_now/#bottom-comments

I know for a fact they plan to do it again in the next few days… just saying.

Interesting to see Pump groups now have Safex in their sights… we might see more volatility, but I don’t really like pumps as I think they can harm a Brand.

Screenshot from 2017-11-07 19:04:04

This being said, my strategy hasn’t changed, I don’t plan to sell what I have now and looking for opportunities to get in lower :slight_smile:


Not surprising at all, although I’m uncertain on how the Safex will play out with pumpers /dumpers this close to the fork.


Fire prices no more. Hindsight is 20/20 but the 90 sats was a deal of a lifetime. Already 50% profit in less than a week. Too bad I didn’t jump on that deal until later ~130 sats.


I called it 3 days ago before the fork news and the price was still low. Got it right for once :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::scream:


I disagree! I think anything under 300sats is a steal of a deal!


SAFEX at 113 satoshis. I bought another wopping 5k :smiley:


googgo buy more now :smiley: