Who is buying Safex at these Fire Sale prices?


there is no small holde :slight_smile:
Family of safex


Don’t feel embarrassed. I was buying in 5K lots when it was 20 sats. (yes quite a while ago) And I have no btc now to buy anymore at this low price


Some, but my intuition says we’re going to keep dropping. Staggered buy orders (timed, or taking into account bitcoin’s price) is a good approach, IMO.

I think we’ll get a pump with Alpha then continued price depression until the live marketplace is launched. Pray for security and anonymity, if those are seriously compromised once Chille is live it’ll be almost impossible to recover.

I think sub - 100 is somewhat likely and 50-60 is possible.

Whether we hit those lows or whether we’ve seen the bottom of Safex depends on the present events in bitcoin, the health crypto market as a whole, the reputation of the project, and the ability of the developers to meet deadlines and deliver a working product.


Nice i grabbed 30,000 today every little bit helps


Ya safex is the best buy!! week after week after week :slight_smile:


So did anyone look up the competition ? Paticl, Syscoin, OpenBaazar and honestly if I weren’t buying banned stuff why wouldn’t I use eBay, alibaba, Amazon? Right now Syscoin looks amazing as they are first to the market. Not spreading FUD but I’m looking for all reasons to invest and not invest


Right now, in most countries, privacy has a weird connotation attached to it. The idea of an anonymous marketplace or anything that allows for anonymous transactions is immediately associated with illegal goods or activities. The whole “If you’re not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to hide” philosophy is pretty wide spread. This of course is completely wrong, everybody has the right to privacy, and I believe we are at the turning point for the world to see this.

Right now anytime you make a purchase (or even search for something) online you are sacrificing your privacy by giving corporations personal and financial information. They then use that information to sell you more things, or sell the information itself to other corporations who also want to sell you their own products. But that’s not all. These corporations are also susceptible to being hacked, and as we keep seeing time and time again in the news, when these companies get hacked it is the customer who is harmed through leaks. Because of this I believe the masses will begin to see privacy and anonymous markets as a necessity, instead of some dark place to buy drugs.

Safex is going to be the first truly anonymous marketplace, and the first one to offer dividends and a secondary currency to be used only in the marketplace. If you consider these factors then you will realize that Safex doesn’t really have a competitor.



I totally agree in having a truly decentralized marketplace. The fees from eBay is ridiculous but as investors I want to know how they market this project. With Milan out after two months? What was that about? Technically right now the first to Market is Syscoin. They actually have a marketplace and you can post stuff to sell. Paritcl is from the shadow project that truly focuses on privacy and actually has Great article in the link above if you guys are interested. You can also earn dividends through payment fees and staking. They are also using Monero ring signatures for privacy. I love Safex concept but I can’t invest anymore for alll the unknowns.


Timing is the most important aspect of this, more important than the execution. There is a possibility that such is the rampant introduction of so many new digital currencies as well as existing ones that both the concept and the presence of safex simply get lost amongst the crowd
This is why I have walked into this with my eyes open. I could lose all my investment but there is no such thing as a guaranteed winner.
I feel that if price dips lower I may as well grab some more as my average buy in will continue to decline


The difference with Safex though is that investors anticipate that they will be getting dividends once the Blockchain is live, so this should provide a good bit of support as investors hoard coins.

Second, real businesses, real industries, will be onboarded on the Chille Blockchain. What will differentiate this project from all the others is the volume of real transactions (services and goods purchased) and high Velocity of money (volume of transactions divided by supply).

Dividends, real transactions, high velocity of Money will make this project stand out from the crowd, in a big way.


These other projects are meaningless to the future of cryptocurrency. They miss the entire point of future adopters. Maybe Safe Exchange Coins a nearer to them; however, where we will be is far removed from the competitors. We are an outlier that is unprecedented.


Personally, I am LOVING where Safex is at the moment, great area to add to your stash or to get in if you’re brand new to it.

Even lower would be better - before takeoff.


The upside is recurring revenue that keeps on growing as the marketplace gains dominance, along with the earnings from SAFEX (at least 5x a year from now or $100 million market cap IF it gains traction).

Let’s say you invested $x into SAFEX.

Here’s how I see it. Worse case you lose everything.


Best case, SAFEX 5x a year from now (possibly more), and you get recurring revenue.

+500% (400% gain + 100%+ dividend)

Basically with those odds, you need SAFEX’s chance of success to exceed 1 : 5.

If you think SAFEX has greater than a 16.6% chance of success, then you should invest in SAFEX.


im waiting till a few days before the fork, I imagine that’s when we’ll see the absolute lowest deals possible.


Scooped up a bunch more at 98 Sats - Wow… what a deal!


Anyone have predictions on the price and events over the next three weeks?


Yes I did some heavy buying last 24hrs too.
Still thinking at least 3 cents by year end.

Best strategy to keep your sanity is tuck them away in your v3 Safex Wallet and
don’t check the price till Christmas.


In theory if there are many dozens of us with hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions, and we believe in this project, then going forwards strong hands are going to put a firm floor on the price fairly soon.


and then there’s me hoping to get my 100k if I can.


100k is a nice amount :slight_smile: