What's going on?

Can someone explain? I put a notice out there that the safex wallet 0.1.0 wallet (safex/token wallet) was producing a grey screen on my Mac with an explanation of what was occurring no response. I have Mac version 10.13.6. I have repeatedly tried numerous times since. Deleting and redownloading it to no prevail, using recover wallet with keys). I have routinely looked for updates and further correspondance since April 30 when I posted but nothing. Then I see that there is a version 2 hoping that it would have a link and solve this issue but only has a source code. There is no .dmg link. Can someone explain this. What does this source code mean? I am starting to lose patience. My safex token/cash are still in version 7 even though I have deleted it off my Mac and have my keys on paper.

Try here

Thanks mate. I’ll see if it works


Does it work?

No it does the same thing as before but goes to a dark blue screen instead of a grey one.


The main focus of this update was to resolve those failing loaders. It seems to have addressed most of the windows users cases. I will investigate what can be done to fine tune for mac users. Sorry for the hassle, hey it happens we’ll do what we can to fix it as soon as possible.

Most importantly, thanks for the courage to let us know :sunrise_over_mountains: