We want to buy safex direct from https://safex.io/,


Hello dandabek

Can you pls advise how we can by safex in point form 1, 2 , 3 etc

new to crypto and very confused

Thank you


Why don’t you ask one of the community instead of asking the developer who has a hell of alot of better things to be doing with his time. How could you possibly expect him to answer that question for you.


The exchange price on this site should be lowered. All of the exchanges with this coin are terrible and don’t currently work for new users. Silly to have a mechanism in place and price it 3x+ the current trading value. Pin it to the coinmarketcap price with a sanity check if nothing else. I was coming in with thousands of $, but I’m personally just giving up, there are hundreds of other options and several similar projects.


If you giving up, why bother posting this? Just give up and save your time. About the price, simple search on this site would answer your problem.


Do you know why it’s more expensive than on tradesatoshi (230 sat) ?
thanks :slight_smile:


@NoirCap Here is the reason:

Best Wishes!


ill sell you mine via PayPal. i have 7422 safe coin. how much you offering ?


Me too! I may take the rest of your remainder


How nice of the price you are talking about? I only can trade you by Paypal, is that ok?


Yeah PayPal is fine. I’d like market price


Will you sell for 500sat ?


Selling 15500 Safex for 1100 USD.


Yeah 500 will do. Do you want my PayPal details ?


Just been offered 550 per coin. Want to match it


You can do it from here mate Safex.io/get-safex
just swap btc to safex
get as much as you like! :sunglasses:


this is link to buy safex from the official website