We are getting close to the official MainNet Launch!


Has safex mainnet failed? I’ll try find the link I was reading are they selling off what they can of safex is it done and dusted ?
Can anyone confirm this



Can you post the message that said mainnet had started. I would have hoped that that would have been announced here (with fanfair). A bit disappointing if mainnet had started.


I AM surprised It can be reseted. Always thought a blockchain couldnt be undone


It started but not running right it’s all over Twitter…
some bottle neck… it’s going to be reset next week sometime and what ever is mined now won’t be saved so better off saving your power and not mining it wait and see if they can fix it…
If it can be reset can it also be turned off closeses down


I don’t think main net has started. As you said, it would have been announced (Twitter, this forum, safex.io, safexnews). Nowhere does it say that it started.


Yes it sounds like a misprint, since I am sure the starting of the main net as in the actual live blockchain would have been announced from the roof tops so to speak.


Yes, I check also their YouTube channel every day for the announcement.

No update there since July 20.

Main Net will be quite an event when it happens.


Daniel Dabek [SAFEX] ‏ @ dandabek Sep 1

its up and running; there is a fork in the network that we are in progress to resolve. Too much mining all at once from one entity caused a split soon the network will be all together; we’re sorting it out


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I looked and did not see an announcement that they had started the mainnet. Thankyou for finding it.


People. Safex main net is running. We have been syncing blockchain since Friday. If you guys on here refuse to read Discord then you are missing a lot of information about Main net and Token swaps.

Sync issues has caused the possibility of a reset being decided on for this coming week. Airdrop and new wallets will be out in a few weeks from now according to Dan and Dev team.


According to Dan from Balkaneum, Main net will be reset this week and launched over stable nodes.


Curious why (speaking as a non techi)?


I joined discord recently cause it seemed that more information was being posted there but my computer picked up some viruses since then. I’m not sure if Discord caused this but the timing makes me hesitate to get back on.

I did see when the MainNet was announced on discord for the more technical who could compile it. I also saw a tweet of the MainNet announce by @dandabek which was promptly deleted. However it was never announce on this forum so I don’t consider that it was officially fully launched. I’m assuming @dandabek would grant this courtesy to his long term supporters who are on this forum but not on discord and or twitter.


Are u not still there? I’ve talked to u before on discord I believe


Somebody else is using Safetyfirst on Discord. I only recently join as Safety1st.


Its sorted. U guys have a great one. I’m out of Safex Forum.


They’ve been hacked one too many times and the spam due to it is not good. So on principle I refuse to use them