We are getting close to the official MainNet Launch!




Should not be long. Need to get more in my wallet before they shut down the wallet on Trade Satoshi


I have 0 safex funds on trade satoshi. When I buy I automatically transfer to my wallet. :inbox_tray:


Has anyone heard anything on how things are going for the mainnet launch :rocket:


From what I know they are all excited for upcoming MainNet Release, so I’m assuming everything is going right on track :muscle:


Being a few days left this month I through everyone would be excited and pumped for the launch


Only four days left!! :+1:


I hope you keep in mind what they say about deadlines. :wink:

I am sure that while all effort is being made to keep to the deadline, it is not a failure if they cannot meet it and we wait a day or few more. This is development and predicting the future is not always perfect.


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Cant wait! :heart_eyes:


I think our happiness won’t have the end :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:


SO EXCITED! This is going to be huge!


Dont get too excited. Main net launched and already has to be reset to a Genesis block


Has mainnet gone live ?


That would be Test Net. The main net has not yet launched so how can it have been reset?


I thought Main Net was coming in August. It’s now September.

So I don’t know what’s going on.


Here is a good thing to keep in mind.


I don’t really care if something is launcehed in August 31st or September 15th. Developing big projects take time. :raising_hand_man:


You may want to read Discord. Mining issues have caused a sync issue already.


I refuse to use discord. and telegram.

Anyhow that sync problem would have been on the testnet wouldn’t it. If it had gone live then it would be mentioned in this forum surely.

That what’s the testnet is for to identify the bugs and fix them. So what if we wait another month or even two