Voting for Exchange Listing (Coindeal)


Hi everybody,

Safex cash, Safex token and Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) can be listed on Coindeal exchange. To make it happen, our comunity has to vote. :loud_sound:

And Emilia’s explanation how to vote :loud_sound:

Let’s make it happen! Go Safex! :boom::boom::boom:


Let’s show our support and vote every 24 hours!


Since registering isn’t available in certain countries, it’s important to share with your friends and relatives that lives abroad. Let’s all unite!


Please do not delay and sign up for the voting:

and dont forget to vote every day

We are so close to making it; 11 days left and we have already about 120 voting members; we need about 200 total voting everyday to take this!


Voted today.
Also, I set an alarm for next 11 days. So I’m sure I won’t forget to vote. :loud_sound:


make sure to vote each day


A lot of recommendations for this exchange looking GOOD, waiting for confirmation to vote every day. 350 and climbing


Just voted second time. Same did my parents and relatives. :adult::woman::adult::woman::woman:





Vote casted. Thank you! You can vote again in 24h.




Vote casted. Thank you! You can vote again in 24h.




Vote casted. Thank you! You can vote again in 24h.


Voted again.
Safex Cash 432
Safex Token 429
Safe Exchange Coin 377


Making gains; don’t forget to vote today :ok_hand: :city_sunrise:


We need more commitment from everyone including the crew on discord / twitter/ linkedin / facebook etc…
Less than six day left and we need votes just to be in with a chance, current rate won’t do it for us. I am sure there is allot of people still not voted on a daily basis.
Come on everyone don’t leave it to chance.


The thing is… a lot of community members think that somebody else will vote. But because everybody have the same opininon, we are stuck.

Every vote matters!


Just voted again today! :rocket:


Same here


Safex’s climbing, now it’s 4th :muscle:



How our voting count has been growing


2000 votes