Video Tutorial: Migrating the old Safex from the Bitcoin Blockchain to the new Safex Blockchain


Here is a video tutorial on the migration process from myself.


Excellent guidance :clap:
Good to know migration is being run on a weekly basis


You heard the man, don’t hesitate to get your coins migrated so you can move around in a new world of Safex.
This is my wish also :pray:


@dandabek, two questions

If I want my balance to be in 2 safex addresses can I do 2 migrations from one BTC address or do I need to split up the balance into 2 BTC addresses and migrate each

I thought the safex cash only had 4 decimal places yet the video showed more in the safex cash being “air dropped”


You can hit reset, and put your other safex address the next time around

Yes originally; although there are 10 decimals, I am expecting to only make use of the 4