Trade Satoshi Up but still some minor Glitches...........7/1/18


At the moment there’s no withdrawal limits on TS. :grin::grin:


@vscrypto, Could someone lend a hand with Tradesatoshi? I made a purchase on the 9th from Coinbase, which was confirmed the same day. TS says the SAFEX wallet is in maintenance…for 5 days? Can anyone offer their experience? This is only my first trade with TS. I want to get more so is it safe (normal) to buy more and trust the coin will appear once the wallet is back online or just wait?


Yes, its normal. Been daytrading there since december


Send to TS, buy safex, do not attempt withdrawal until out of maintenance, as soon as the wallet is out of maintenance withdraw.


Overall I am impressed with their response rate to the increased usage; better than having no exchange during this phase. Remember anyone can integrate safex without anyone’s permission.


Hey guys so some one mentioned about safex being on new exchange on the 17th is that still happening? :muscle:


The trading on will start from February 16th, 2018. (for people who bought into the ico before December 31)

During February 19th and March 4th it will be available for tokenholders to trade SAFEX.

#92 is open to public come Feb 29/March 1st… if you go on their site or telegram you can see how they are rolling out the exchange


NVM delayed till next week