Trade Satoshi Up but still some minor Glitches...........7/1/18


I know, just liked seeing the higher prices. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I dream a little.


After the interview this Saturday and new exchanges, there will be no more 300-400sat opportunities :slight_smile:


I am unable to reach the Register page on trade satoshi exchange. Clicking Register does nothing. Are they throttling new signups? Hoping you are going to find a decent trading platform so I can buy some more coins. I’m so excited by your business model, and can’t wait for you to go live!!


they said they’ve turned off sign ups for a few weeks while they catch up with platform growth


5 hrs ·
Registrations are now open. Not sure but worth trying again today


Incredibly, due to the whole market being down, Safex is sub 300 again. I’ve just bought another 60,000. I can’t believe my luck. :slight_smile:


Yup, im getting a little more than you :slight_smile:


Anyone else having withdrawal issue with Trade Satoshi? When I tried to withdraw, the website says: Currency not found or is currently disabled.


The wallet is in maintenance. Always go to the status tab and look at the status of a coin before withdrawing from there. Ends up getting stuck and taking days to sort out if you withdraw during maintenance.


Good to know thank you!


I don’t see status tab.
Where exactly is this field?
Thank you


If on a desktop, once logged in you will see the status button at the top of the screen along the menu. On a phone, tap the menu button and then click status. Once in the status option you can use the search field to search for safex or any other coin.


Great. Thanks.
Hopefully they fix it soon and reduce the withdraw fee before SAFEX Cash is out so we can move them out of the exchange.


Buy the dip! LOL


I’ve seen some members mention their safex coins for sale but they seem to be sold already. Anyone out there on the market? I’m very interested.


Just buy from tradesatoshi



That’s what I thought too. But when I tried to, my wallet says the recipient’s address is invalid?


Not sure what the issue is then as I have never had any problems. I generally send LTC to TS sell it for BTC and then buy Safex. Never encountered that issue, just double check the address is copying correctly as the message would suggest the wrong amount of characters to me.


@dogboy, thanks for help. All set.


I bought a heap from TS last night, was sceptical of TS at first but i managed to get it done with out one problem…
I purchased .8 btc worth and managed to withdraw the lot in one hit to my wallet some how without having to go though the second level of verification.
Not sure if i got lucky because level 1 withdrawals are max of $2000 usd and at a price of 750 safex.
I was afraid i would have to withdraw over 4 days and at a cost of 3000 safex (which would really hurt when safest reaches $5)