Trade Satoshi Up but still some minor Glitches...........7/1/18


just saw $.12c


LMAO so true


Like I said if you read above I have the same issue as Shakamuni I try to Log in and get wrong user name or password I reset the password with my email as username, then get the same error OVER AND OVER AND OVER then get an automated reply from support. I also now see there asking Shakamuni to change his email thus changing account = all investment lost Do you agree it looks really fishy? Why would anyone trust it??


How much is your investment?


How do I get my $ out if I can’t access the account and get automated responses from there support. Password or user name incorrect change password get confirmation password changed then go to log in an says same thing password or user name incorrect, change password get a confirmation go to log in get password or username incorrect. I lost my $$ I posted my legitimate problem same as Shakamuni and you feel this is not a problem. OK


Why do to Trade Satoshi and lose your time there when you can always get it on


Why ask how much my investment is nothing more than I can loose and that is more than most and furthermore thats not the point.


I was trying to make a point. Why would scam you when there us people with much bigger deposits than yours. They have a lot of coins, not only safex and they are long time trading exchange. The thing is that recently they have more traffic than they can handle, so they run in to some problems. Try updating your ticket and wait for support or check if they have some chat channel or try Twitter.


TS support is trying to solve all reported issues. As you know, the site had problems recently, and as a result there is a backlog of support tickets they are going through.

I suggest you check support channel on their Discord and PM one of the support people there.


Cheers for the link. I will be buying from TS for the first time this week unless a new exchange is added. Wanting to buy more for a while but have been trying to be patient for a more reliable exchange. Now the Price is obviously alot more


You have no idea what my deposit is and why would you make a statement like this. I’m going on three weeks with the same issue not being able to access my funds and being a day trader that matters! I now see people with the same problem there asking them to change there email as a solution when the account is bases and identified by the email = lost $ Seems fishy all that needs to be said especially when people have pointed the problem out and you claim there is no problems.


I saw on the discord that they are aware of this issue. They said everyone who has the issue should make sure they raise a ticket and that they would be doing something to correct the issue from 7pm UK time. 4mins


Im not sure how to explain this to you…
Why would i make excuses and claims that there is no problems? Im trading since 2013 and first time i found out about TS is when they listed SAFEX. I don’t make claims that they have no problems because i DON’T CARE if they do, since im in no way affiliate with them except for my holdings in their exchange. When their wallet is fixed, I’ll try to withdraw and let you know if they scam me or not. Thats what kind of person i am, i work with facts and I don’t make empty talks and accusations.


Much appreciation for the update :smiley:


I used TS twice to buy Safex in the past month then suddenly I couldn’t log in anymore, just like you describe Eric. I tried to reset my email but still no joy. I wrote to their support and within hrs I had someone trying to help me.
It turned out that Google Chrome was automatically inserting my email address in the username space when, in fact, a real username had to be used (and I remembered that after). So entirely my own fault for not remembering my correct username.
Not saying this is your issue too but maybe check that as well?


Thanks Pip That was the first thing I checked Like it says above there aware of the issue and I submitted another ticket maybe this time a real person will help not some automated response.


Tradesatoshi SAFEX wallet up and running.


And price is dropping. :frowning:


Thanks all I have same issue as above Log in have correct username and password but sends me back saying incorrect Glad I’m not the only one. I got all the answers :sunny: All just wait for ticket


Not bad, profits are being collected from short term buyers and we can pick up some more cheap coins :slight_smile: nice