Trade Satoshi Up but still some minor Glitches...........7/1/18


you know that anybody can withdraw their paypal payment if they want? You will have no proof that you sold anything and you will lose your money.


You’re right. How would you do a deal then, is there a safe way to sell outside an exchange?


no. no safe way :slight_smile: just hodl
Im not sure why you want to sell today when after tomorrow they are going to be much more.


I reckon it could easily increase by 100% tomorrow once the paper drops, assuming the content is as good as we hope. And then upwards from there as word gets out even more.


I am selling 39.800 Safex coins for 0.00000420 each. PM me on Telegram deniskondic


people usually buy the rumors and sell the news, so for sure that the price will goo down after the release


42 AM I keep trying to log in to Tradesatoshi says wrong password I reset to have it say confirmed then says wrong password again anyone else have same issues?? Been trying to withdraw my coins for weeks there support ignores whet I say in emails and there reply seems automated


Is Safex wallet on trade satoshi still in maintanance?


Yes still is


And what is that supposed to mean. There is no context or enough info to determine anything?

And I do not see how this can even suggest s4fex is anything.


Reply from Tradesatoshi the same today as yesterday I see above how there asking Shakamuni to change his email you will lose the coin no way to track it. I see he has the same issue as me!!! Here is screenshots of yesterdays reply and now I get same reply today automated ignoring my asking for help


Community be warned,Enough content Rob he had an error changing password like me and shows they told him to change his email. If he can’t get in and changes his email he loses him account + loses his $


You, son, are the biggest idiot i have met in my life, online or offline. How can i be part of tradesatoshi? What kind of stupid investigation you made that lead you to that conclusion? Im day trading there with 400k safex and no problems so far, except for their wallet that is in maintenance. Maybe they will scam me and not let to withdraw, who knows, but there are other people who withdraw from there without any problems when wallet is working.
You keep sending me harrasing pm’s and now you calling me scammer just because you are too stupid to fix your problem. So, with no respect at all, you can go and f yourself in the a, dumbass.


All I see is the way to reset your password. And advising you to securely keep a copy of your login details, so you don’t forget again.

I do not see any issue with that. But of course you did not post the question.

And yes the mods who answer support tickets are not the brightest spark around, I will give you that.


so can i deposit safex on TS if the Wallet status is in Maintenance>>??


No you should not. It would not show up till some time after maintenance is over and some have expressed problems with the deposit not being seen till a support ticket was answered.


ohh thanks man


when the price is going up, the wallet always is in maintenance … sounds legit …


I think you will find the wallet was under maintenance and then the price rose above 300. Its the shortage of safex to sell due to wallet maintenance that drove the price up.


Man some people are just freakin retarded. Trade Satoshi is not a scam and people on this site are not complicit to you losing your coins. You need to be patient with them as they are only small. I had some probs but they respond quite quickly. And everyone states so many times over move your coins to the wallet…but no one listens and rushes when things are locked up or in maintenance.