Can you help me please, i send some safex from bittrex to my safex wallet on Jan 9th, now its more then a week im worried, how long i have to wait for them?


Bittrex has some issues, I’ve heard ppl have to wait for their currencies for some time. Go to the withdrawals and see the status of it. I also recommend checking up with them…


@dogboy what do you recommend at this moment. Leave your coins on Cryptopia for the time being of putting it in the Safex wallet? What are the pro’s and cons?


I would try put them in a safex wallet. Cryptopia withdrawals can take forever and I personally would get it done as soon as possible so you have time to contact support if required.


we absolutely NEED a timeline. Too much has been changed and it is hard to get an overview on the project.


I’d like to know what you mean by 2 years to reach maximum profitablity. Rather, how did you come up with that number? Of course even when its all up and running, it will still need time to catch on. And for more and more people to start using it, and for word to spread. But I’d like to know how you came up with that taking 2 years. Just curious. I wonder what kind of marketing they will do, to attract people to use the marketplace.


He’s just throwing random numbers out of his ass. Don’t read too much into it.


what’s your problem cryptomanic ? are you in a hurry … What if takes 5 years to become a better amazon or alibaba so what … I just assume that it may take only 2 tears for mass adoption , adoption from serious investors and not day traders.This is the best project out there and it will rise and don’t care if it takes 1 day or longer , cryptoworld is the future.You need a timeline where is it , Daniel said in discord that he won’t give any dates . Some people have problem to understand what they are reading or don’t know anything about market.


A timeline is a structured process which is part of any project development. Saying it will be delivered by March 10th may be not something Dan is looking to do. But for a timeline of events with “expectation” is normal as it also lays out the development process of what is being developed in what order as well.

For example if there are nodes in testing that is part of a timeline of events. Even if it makes no difference to a delivery date. It gives a progress report that is currently on-going and what is being worked on. Even if there is no end date (as it would no doubt be in constant testing as new things develop).