The Migration from BTC to Safex we need to pick a burn address


So today I made a poll about which style of burn address is more apparent to everyone. Choose based on ease of being recognized. The poll is up on twitter, and I put it here just incase someone didn’t have a twitter account.

  • 1SAFEXg6ah1JqixuYUnEyKetC4hJhztoz
  • 1SafexZMBsjemyyG7TqpfEvSXzYpD82Bx

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This is the address that will be used to burn off the old Safe Exchange Coins and will allow you to enter the Safex Blockchain.


First one! :star2:


First one. The Caps in SAFEX make it more noticeable


agree the first whan noticeable more do caps


Also agree, the first one is da bomb! You can clearly see SAFEX in it. :ok_hand:


First definitely ! We can clearly see Safex!:ok_hand:


The most visible and recognizable are the first one!


FIRST! you will easily and clearly see SAFEX!!!


First definitely…


So is this something we will have to do? Our old Safex tokens will be worthless? Do I have to do this or is it something I can skip? I gotta be honest, it makes me damned nervous to “burn” something that I paid $2,200 for. So I need this to be real clear.


Word burned is description. The thing is, the process of migrating will be automaticly done. When you click some button in the new wallet, program will burn/erase/delete safex on btc blockchain and in the same time make the same amout of coins on safex blockchain. Plus you will get safex cash. Don’t worry, they know what they are doing.


Maybe this will help clear things out:


Why not use an actual burn address like 1SAFEX10000000000000000, which a vanity generator can’t create.

The public address above could have very well been created using a vanity generator, in which case the creator would own the private key to that.

Why not use this “burn address” I have conveniently created for us?



Actually, I made my own vanity generator script and on 30 threads I ran it to generate that key.

Obviously vanity addresses are pure risky business; I would never try to compromise our safety, a vanity generator online etc is an obvious issue :wink:


Is that script source available for public use. Be kinda of nice to have a decent one handy


I only brought it up because other main net swaps had us generate our own unique burn address and send to that

anyways looking forward to the burn!


I will put it up for sure; as soon as I am back in the office


Don’t get distracted from migration of wallets