The marketplace launch



In this video at 14:57

Dan says the following

But I will tell you one thing. That before Christmas happens, every person on the Earth will be able to do Christmas shopping this year on the SAFEX marketplace. That I can assure you.

So Christmas is only two months away. Will this still happen?


No one can really tell. Dan felt pressured to overcommit and now he has a lot stuff to do before Black Friday.
Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. Few days here or there really won’t matter, but not properly handling things could be disastrous for us. So setting a new deadline won’t change what I feel about this project.


Well said Dan is committed to this I know that because I have seen everything he had done in the past 2 years. Safex is going to be enormous


I don’t care if Safex team will release marketplace until the end of the year or in January, Ferbruary… even in May. Big projects need a lot of time and it is super hard to make estimations.
Just remember Ethereum…


We can now say for sure, marketplace launch we’ll be postponed to next year. Dan will run an auction on Black Friday, it will open sale for pendant encrusted with jewels.
And that’s really nice hint of what variety of goods will be possible to buy or sell on the marketplace.


Where did you find this information @Liam?


Dan wrote it on discord several days ago. He mentioned it few times.


I imagine it would be like Sotheby’s meets safex cash case