The five year HODL; Crypto Commerce in a changing world


The five year HODL; Crypto Commerce in a changing world.

In this article, Discord Regular Znffal, presents selected demographic, economic, and e-commerce trends, and relate these to the future potential growth of crypto-commerce, with a focus on the upcoming Safex marketplace.

This is the first community contribution to SafexNews.Net and i’m really grateful for both the time spent on it and the quality of the content!

I’d also like to take the opportunity to point out that we’ve created a guide on how to buy Safex. I’d love your feedback on the page!


Great article! Kudos to author!!


Great read about ecommerce trend in general and where SAFEX fits in.

Crazy part is that the article is only talks about goods, not the service market.

More and more people are looking at remote jobs to cut down on commute time in the US, in addition to all the outsourcing of service level jobs. There’s a huge market there as well.

The article said that for every 1 SAFEX, we can expect $1 dividend if we capture 1% of market.

That’s pretty insane to think about.