The facts what separates Safex from the rest



Well laid out video Dan, your best video yet. I’m surprised that many are still just learning about this. I guess they didn’t read the blue paper.


His sound investment in education, Having matured, Paid him a dividend: Wisdom!


different emmission curve. it is so clear now and so simple! everybody should see this video! so well explained.


Congratulations! I believe it will succeed! :star_struck::hugs::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Yes, the way he explains about Safex, everybody can buy it and really believe it will return more later. You have cash back! The project really promises! :smiley::stars:


Safex comparative advantage is economic model and real usage! :raised_hands:


I listened a lot of your videos on youtube channel and @ i strongly believe in you @dandabek !:muscle:
Keep going! To the Moon! :muscle::muscle::muscle: