The count down has started.... Wallet or Not?


lol at anyone selling because this fantastic project is a day or two behind on the delivery of some software…


Hello I talked to Daniel about the ship and his team’s digital images, the ship is a symbol that once to think of the global market you had to transport goods and now the world of safex and chilliblockchain will sell the service and goods very quickly and it is not a pirate ship. Photos are digital because it is a digital currency and a digital design. I have one and a half million safex bought after 100 satoshi and I know because I often talk to Daniel that the dollar in a year can be achieved. I also know that if only one of you would seriously think about promoting safex then Daniel is ready to fly and meet, he is a very open young man. And a few days will be ready film from his speech at the event in Poland. Best wishes . Daniel also immediately told me that 06.08.2017 will show the wallet but will run it after a few days because he wants to do the tests and the exact instruction of use :slight_smile:


Daniel also immediately told me that 06.08.2017 will show the wallet but will run it after a few days because he wants to do the tests and the exact instruction of use :slight_smile:


@nikolaa Thank you for your help, highly appreciated!


Przemekl, thank you so much for the updates. If Daniel would fly here to the Philippines one day. I am an American who lives here with my family and I am already talking to people and promoting Safex to anyone who would be interested. I would be so honored if he wanted me to help the Safex cause here. Like so many others here in the community. I am ready to help. I know my words must sound crazy but I am totally serious with my offer and easily reachable.


I’m glad to know I interpreted the ship correctly. I love the brand image around Safex, and am extremely impressed with Daniel as a team leader - and that’s not just because I share his christian name :wink:
I have every faith in this project, will be holding for a while yet


From all your negative comment I still try to figure out if your simply over analyzing, fear and uncertainties or plain paranoid behavior but I give you the benefit of the doubt and I’m not judging whatever the case is. That said, you seems focused on Daniel Dabek as an individual, if I understand all of your previous directed statement targeted directly at him each which were bringing the exact same message each time: “I’m not trusting Daniel Dabek”.

Now that’s a problem if you don’t trust him because, currently he’s the one in charge taking most if not all of the major decision so pretty much like in everything in life, if you are not comfortable with Daniel Dabek being in charge (which i’m sorry but that should not change in the lifetime of this project) either you put your money where your mouth is and you sell all of your SAFEX to people that do trust him and see his vision and understand the potential.

This way you stop hurting yourself everyday trying to force yourself into doing something you are clearly not comfortable with (investing in SAFEX/Daniel Dabek and his team) and at the same time stop creating a negative environment for everyone else that are here to stay and that believe in this project. It’s a win/win for everyone and you can go ahead and create your own project and this way you’ll be sure that it will always be trustworthy of your standards + you will be able to fix your own deadline and stop waiting for everyone else to slow you down.


Why don’t you just sell any SAFEX you hold, for a likely profit, and close the door on your way out? If you think he is deliberately lying to you, why the hell are you even here?


Great minds…haha


Agreed trust is 100% everything, all the ideas are great and I support them but he is not being transparent with anyone. Should not be risking what you can’t lose on this one, but if everything is excuted properly this can be a very profitable coin.


First you’re delusional as I never said to people to do anything at all. I plan to hold for now and I could not care less what everyone else decide to do with their investment, it’s their money and they are the one calculating their risk and reward.

As for “Following blindly” it’s call investment, it comes with risk as for any other project/ico/coin you will invest in so there is no “Following blindly” just decision making about are you in or out. You should never invest what you can’t afford to lose on any investment.

That said stop complaining and move to the next best coin if you don’t trust this one , end of the story. As for your claim on Ponzi schemes, it prove how little you know about the world, everything is a ponzi scheme from governments to banks and even crypto are nothing but ponzi if you look at the description it apply to pretty much everything.

Now stop acting like a kid as all you are saying is pure contradiction and it’s making you look bad to spit on a coin that you keep saying yourself you have 75k coins and that you expect to sell them at 1$ XD Sorry but at this point I’m seriously questioning your mental health.

Best of luck


I didn’t sell Neo. I said it was a great investment, which I bought at the $6 mark, and which I am currently holding. I just implied that while I want to buy more Neo I’m not buying more until/if the price cools down. Neo will go well past a hundred. I bought SAFEX while people like were freaking out over the last few weeks. I’ve done my research on both projects - so I’m not throwing a fit over wallets or Forbes articles. Let me know when you want to panic sell your SAFEX for 400 sats, I’ll buy it from you. Elmer FUD.


Hey there :slight_smile:

As you probably know, we’re trying to be 100% transparent regarding everything. We’re updating our supporters on Slack, here on the forums and Daniel is posting about every step of development on his twitter account :slight_smile:

We will do better communications with you guys in the future, but there’s no reason for panic since our dev team are working literally every day over time to deliver everything that you guys are expecting :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support and understanding! If you have any other question regarding anything that’s going on, I will be here to answer it for you :wink:


Yeah what date will the wallet be out


Thanks Milan for an update on the situation! Wish you all the best!


That’s not a fucking update.


maybe you should try to aswer this question


Well this is the real update then :slight_smile:

Daniel did first transactions through the wallet! Everything’s working, now they’re wrapping it up.

This is latest from the dev team! Stay tuned for more official info in coming hours!


Thank milan mutch love :smiley: better late and good :wink:


Bitcoin had no real value at one point in time too. Your arguments are completely off.

3th place on bittrex? That’s your measurement tool? Wtf, you know it’s just ordered by last 24h volume by default right?

Edit: I did not intent to get offensive by this post :slight_smile: