The count down has started.... Wallet or Not?


OMG, no wallet!!! Relax guys, the price is not going to drop to zero because there is no wallet, I guarantee, if you want I can buy your SAFEX for 200 right now :slight_smile:
You guys clearly have no experience at all with software development.


Ja jestem cały czas w Kontakcie z Danielem on naprawdę podczas pobytu w Polsce spał może kilka godzin bo ciężko pracował nad stroną i portfelem , byłem przy nim cały czas więc widziałem postęp prac także jestem spokojny wiem że uruchomi portfel za chwilę i wszyscy będziemy zadowoleni . Pamiętajcie kryptowaluty lubią spokój a Daniel robi naprawdę dobrą pracę :slight_smile:


I rather like the current site, it speaks of promise and exploration, not of piracy and extradition… I guess it depends on your world-view, really, one person’s interpretation is not the same as anothers’.

I’d also prefer the team get on with project development than spend all their time placating minor investors’ worries about the presentation of what seems a very professional website to me.

And what on earth does Daniel’s nationality have to do with it? In my experience, most bright Eastern Europeans have more drive and commitment than those in Western Europe, precisely because their home nations are behind the west in terms of wealth generation. Have you not noticed how rapidly they’re catching up with and surpassing Western Europe?

Not to have an extradition treaty with the US tends to mean an independent, self-confident nation. The UK has one, an extremely ill-balanced one that has lead to attempts by the US government to extradite mentally ill people to serve time in US gaols rather than in the UK. Again, I see that as a positive factor rather than negative… :confused:


HODL I bought Ethereum at $3 but got hurt when it crashed several times after it hit $20 ish and I sold most of what I had for BTC etc…Now it is near $300 so I learned a lesson. Long-term investing in this industry requires HODLing with balls of titanium but it CAN REALLY PAY OFF IN JUST A COUPLE OF YEARS.


I totally agree… I think the price will tank big time if it takes too long…


hodl as in the chaincoin gang hahahaha?


I was day trading yesterday, and I got wrecked from that huge drop. Luckily I made it all back. I’m grinding hard, before chillies comes out.


I can make 10% to 15% of the money I have into safex everyday :joy::grin:


Safex is a much better investment than neo, this has huge potential, neo you cant even use in daily life…






where can i find this discord? anybody has the adress?


Go to the slack chanell


Do we need invitation link for reading posts on there ?


Just sold 250K Safex. Price is going too deep @ 450 Satoshi. will just re-buy when there is a confirmed - concrete development. CUT LOSS !!! need to reserve ammos … so many coins out there Bull running at the moment. Like the Safex idea but disappointed with their deadlines. Good luck Happy trading fellows


How do I join the slack?


How to get safex.slack invitation?


@joserh94 @Urwin
Just enter your mail in the box and you will get a invite in your inbox…here is a link
Then when it ask you for domain just enter safex. :slight_smile:


Neo was a great investment, and it will be again, but not right now - too much speculation has been priced in by the mania of the past few days. The minor wallet delay is hammering the Safex price for the same reason that the rebrand is pumping the Neo price - it really seems like a lot of the money in the crypto markets overreact to shiny superficial stimuli. I’ve seen some coins/tokens annouce major contracts and the price never reacts. I bought some Neo a couple months back (wish I’d bought more), but I am sure as anything the Neo price is coming down when people realise what the Neo dev team has spent the past month repeating ad nauseum: “We are going to be focused on development in 2018.” I felt very sure about Neo, and put a lot into it. I feel a lot more sure about this dev team. They seem to have been busy as hell these past few weeks. They should take some well earned rest and get a few good nights sleep. They deserve it.


Much appreciated if it was on BitTrex I picked up half of it.

Losses aren’t a concern when you do your homework and have yet to have one. You only lose when you sell off.