Slack invite?


Hi, I saw in another thread that there was a slack Link but I couldn’t join. Do we have a official channel? How can I / we get an invite?



No email after submitting?


You have enter your email address and you will get invitation on the same


Thanks for the links, I tried to find safex but it didn’t find anything. This link worked but where is this link for new people wanting to join? Should be easy to find.


It simple. When you enter your email you will receive an invitation email. Just complete your profile through the link provided in the email.



Just scroll down to the bottom of the site. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hehe I was looking under social which i think it should be :slight_smile: I’m using my mobile since I don’t have my PC with me and everything looks tiny. Thanks for the picture.



Same thing on mobile. Just scroll down, and look for Community. :slight_smile:


Hello- I followed the process but I do not receive the any email


Everyone uses Discord now.


Maybe someone can post an invitation to Discord?


Check Reddit, there’s a link for it about 4 post down.