Setting up new miner


Am I correct as per the videos I’ve watched that you still need to run a VPM in order set up the wallet (create a Safex Cash wallet address) and mine Safex Cash?



At the moment, yes. On Friday, the team will be releasing a graphical wallet for all operating systems which means you’ll be able to skip the whole process of starting a node and wallet-cli.

However, if you’re interested in how the blockchain works, i’d recomend you give it a try just as a learning experience.


Awesome, thanks!

I might just…you know for educational purposes.


Hi Rich,

@Rich.bate Are there benefits to starting a node, other than helping to secure the Safex network and helping to facilitate faster transactions?

Also, once the swap/migation has occurred, is it possible to start a node and use the Safex Cash address created from the new wallet to be released this Friday the 28th?


A1) There is no financial reward for running a node. It’s simply to support the network and help decentralize.
A2) It is, yes. Just export your seed keys and manually import your seed keys to the node CLI-Wallet.