September 28th 2018 - Start of blockchain migration


As confirmed by Daniel Dabek, the start of the Safex Blockchain migration will be the 28th September 2018.

Further details will be published closer to the date.

As a reminder, no exchanges will perform the migration on your behalf. If you’re holding Safe Exchange coins on an exchange, please ensure you have withdrawn your Safe Exchange Coins into your own private wallet (link to wallet downloads) to participate in the migration.

Please also ensure you have a small amount of Bitcoin ( 0.00010000 should be more than enough to cover the migration transaction fee).

Stay tuned for further updates

Update 17/09/2018

Update 18/09/2018
Added the event to Coin Market Cal - please vote to valiate

Update 19/09/2018
Added a quick guide to prepare you for the upcoming chain swap:


Very good. Anxious to see the marketplace working


I invested in June 2017th… can’t wait to migrate coins to safex blockchain. :soon:


But still.
What to do with the coins that are on Tradesatoshi?


As mentioned in the first post:


A new wallet will be released on the 28th that has the migration functionality. Look out for the announcement on that day.


Added the event to Coin Market Cal - please vote to valiate


Added a quick guide to prepare you for the upcoming chain swap:


Migration Countdown is displayed on the Safex site :point_right:
Can’t believe only 3 days left 'till blockchain migration :star_struck:


Safex migration starts today! on twitter :hugs:


with the new wallet we will have some bitcoin too to pay the migration fee ? :frowning: i have a small amount 0.00006006 but i dont know if its enogh


Hi there, when i go to the wallet down load page on, there is a count down for the new wallet (with the migration function, I think). It is not available for another 8 days, is this right. Also can i sell my safex coins on the new block chain.
Thanks so much, Joe.


Yes, to make sure it is really ready for release and no one will lose his coins the team decided to make some more days of testing.

And no, there will not be a exchange functionality on the blockchain (yet) if you want to sell coins you probably have to wait a few more weeks till it’s listed on an exchange


it’s a screenshot from Safex news website.


will safex cash air drop into my wallet?


You get Safex Cash with Safex Token in your Safex-Blockchain Wallet when you migrate

It will not happen automatically if thats your question


Hi, I once bought some Safex and managed to bring them to my wallet, been trying to burn them from the bitcoin exchange, however unsuccessfully so far. I understand that there is a fee involved but no sure how much this will be. The below balance is what I actually own. Is that enough to complete the migration transaction?

|Pending safex|0|

Thanks for you assistance.

Best Regards



You should add 0.001 btc then you should be fine, else your btc balance is to less for three bitcoin transactions


Hi Mex


I do not own BTCs. Does that means I need to buy them in any exchange and them transfer them to my Safex wallet? or is that I need to buy more safexs?

Thanks again for your assistance.



Yes, you would need some btc. If you want to buy as little as nessecary even 0.0003 btc should be enough if transaction fees don’t spice up for some reason that’s just under 2$ worth.

But you would have to purchase them and send it to the same address as your safex coin