How did you copy and paste, that function is not working on both my wallets, laptop or desktop. I highlight the address but will not give me the copy option when I right click on the mouse. :sob:


I dont have the wallet in front of me, but I would assume CTRL-C / CTRL-V?


As mentioned previously. Right click does not work, just use relevant keyboard shortcuts for whatever you are using. (Mac/pc)


There is also a menu at the top of the screen; we’ll adjust this in the next update. Have a great announcement to make as part of the recent activity we are doing for the ecosystem.


Hi all

Could you please help me with this issue:

I bought a new macbook and wanted to import my old wallet (.dat) to my new wallet. But my transfer of 10’000 safex has not arrieved.

Are my safex coins lost now or can someone synchronize it?

my old wallet: 1CjPojDBfcJnUiczScYQM6qrh7rRw233pZ

my new wallet: 12c4QhpTsPqo7CqGNLX5TneYGhVccJLiE2

I did send my 10’000 safex and the rest amount of my bitcoins approx. 40 dollars…unfortunately both transfers are not on my new wallet now …

I would appreciate it very much, when you could support me what to do next.

Thank you.



Your post is a bit confusing, since you first talk about importing a wallet, and then about a transfer. Omniexplorer shows you transfered Safex from your “old” address to the “new” one.

I checked your addresses, and you have 10000 Safex on your “new” address - 12c4QhpTsPqo7CqGNLX5TneYGhVccJLiE2.

There is a bug in the wallet that can cause balances not to appear. Try to archive (to archive) then unarchive (to home) the above address in the wallet.


Fantastic, it worked with “to archive” then unarchive (to home).

Thank you so much Boris.

Greetings from Switzerland and all the best for the awesome safex-project!


You’re welcome!


Hi Boris

Was hoping you could help on a similar subject. When setting up/transferring my BTC to safex to purchase coins I copied the key and address to a wordpad document. Windows did an update shutting it down and losing the details when I wasnt there.
I have located the transfer in Omniwallet but how do I access the BTC to change to Safex without the details or atleast cancel the transfer back to my Bitcoin wallet.

Been trying to get answers on this for some time but no luck. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Cambo


Hi Cambo, When you say ‘to change to Safex’ where are you intending to do this? To clarify, the wallet is not a method of exchanging any coin. The only exchange at the moment to buy Safex is Trade Satoshi. Sending BTC to the Safex wallet will work but it will just sit there as BTC.

If I have misunderstood I apologise.

EDIT: The Safex token is currently still using the BTC blockchain. This means that any outgoing transfer fees from the wallet must be paid in BTC. This is, in general, the only reason to send BTC to the Safex wallet. So it is there to cover transfer fees should you want to send you safex to another address.


Hi StrangeCharm

Thanks for the reply.

I was following this process on the safex page after reading a few forums.
Im old and new to this so bear with me. The process gave me keys and address which I copied then began the BTC transfer from my exchange. I then lost the keys andaddresses. I can locate the BTC in the OMNIWALLET but no way to access it. I haven’t been able to go any further to change into safex which I guess is the next step.



Ok to be completely clear…

You selected an amount to buy through the website.

You created a new address to have the safex sent to and copied them (which were later lost)

Did you then proceed to payment and send away your BTC? Which wallet address is the screen shot of?


Yes you are correct. The BTC was transferred from my exchange to the Omniwallet in the screenshot


That BTC address in the screenshot is the one provided to me by the Safex site


Ok what you’ve done wrong here is send your BTC payment to the address that was created for you to receive your Safex to, If I am understanding correctly.

To the address provied here? or the address given in the next step? Once you had confirmed your order?


If you sent it to the payment wallet they provided I would contact them ASAP to inform them NOT to send the Safex to the address you generated on the website. If you have lost the private key you will no longer be able to access the wallet or any coin in it.

If you sent the BTC to the address you created which was intended to receive the Safex in, as I said above… you lost the private key :confused:


To the address in the next step once it was confirmed.


Then You need to contact them and hopefully they havent already sent the safex away to the address you generated on the website.

Im not great with computers but I wonder if there is some way to recover that file you made with the keys before they were lost.


Do you have the private key from the address that is in the next step?