Sen safexchange coin to default wallet address v7


Hi was bought my safexchange coins on the original ICO and put them in a Omni cold storage wallet 3 years ago. My question is; for me to start the Migration process do I send my coins to the default receive address in the new version 7 migration wallet and can I start the migration from there. I am a little nervous and just want to make that I have understood the podcasts properly.
Thanks Regards Joe.



You can just import your omni seed go to the migration tab and follow instructions. Make sure to wait after each step till the transaction is confirmed…

Before you start make sure you have around 100k satoshi in the same wallet for btc transaction fees (you might need less than 100k satoshi - as for me around 21k was enough - , but since Bitcoin transaction fees raised recently it makes sense to put a little more in)


You would have your omni cold storage private key… in the wallet v7 you use this field:

Type your “omni” private key in there and hit import

This is probably the best tutorial for you if you have your coins on a private key/paper wallet or similar


Thanks for your reply


Sorry Dan I accidentally sent the last reply to soon, thanks for reply again. In my Omni account I have 3 other coins that share the same private key and address, will it affect me being able to access the other coins on my Omni wallet . If I use the same Omni Private key and the Public key on the new Safex version 7 wallet.
Thanks.regards Joe.


They will be fine as long as you do not expose your private key outside of the wallet. The safex wallet will only move safex omni tokens


Thanks for your reply, thats give me some confidence to continue. But just one more question, when I try to download the V7 Wallet I end up with a message from Github saying that I have the wrong code and the server in not available. Have tried several times with no success, sorry I am not very knowledgeable in these matters.
Again thanks for your help.Regards Joe.


I just checked that, there was a typo in the link. Should be back to working now.


Thanks Dan.


Hi Dan, sorry have another problem, I finally down loaded the safex v7 wallet, but it asks me to log on and give a password. Then I remembered that I downloaded one of the earlier versions of the safe exchange wallets and have lost the password. I did not send my safe exchange coins to this wallet and deleted it some time ago, the coins are still in my Omni wallet. I know that I have have done a stupid thing , but is there any thing can I do to get the new version 7 wallet operational . Sorry, yourself and the community have been very kind and patient with me and I do appreciate the help that i have been given.
Regards Joe.


Sorry Dan, false alarm. I managed to remember what my password was and have opened the v7 wallet. I plan do do the migration tomorrow night, so no need to reply my last post. Thanks again to all those who have sent my replies to my post as I should be alright now. I am enjoying be apart of this community.
Regards Joe.