Saw call for mining of Safex me get started!


Never mined before but wiling to mine. Just need help with how to get set up. Software/hardware recommendations please. How much does this typically cost per month in electricity? Any and all help appreciated.


Are you on discord bat? Plenty of helpful miners who could assist you.


Hi, if you are interested in CPU mining, you can download a free and simple to use software created by Safex developers at Balkaneum and begin doing so. Here I have created a tutorial for it : For other options related to CPU or GPU mining, you can consult with more Safex members at Discord. Hope this helps.


Hey man. I can help u get started


This is what I love about this community. So helpful… we are blessed to have people like @gcraftjr here and on discord AKA ( cryptominingpools)


Really blown away how supportive is Safex community. Well done people! :clap: