Safex Workshop Video, Belgrade


Very nice video about the Safex Workshop that was held in Belgrade on June 21st


excellent. it looks like safex team grows in power… wow so many people. hope such meetups will be soon organised in other countries. Wish i was there…Go Safex!!!


I really enjoyed watching this video. We want meetups all over the world! :earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia:


Do you have some info about international meetups? I m from London btw :joy::blush:


I heard they will organize international meetups in close future :wink:


Wow! :star2:
So we can meet safex team in person? :gem:


Thats a beautiful news! I cant wait to see when they will organize next meetup :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I hope so! We can contact someone from Safex team who is working on organizing meetups, or we can post a message on Discord. What do you think? Maybe that Crypto Joe knows better


We can start talking about international meetups on safex discord and somebody from the team will notice it. Also, we can ask on twitter. :crossed_fingers:


who is the most relevant to talk to ? maybe Ivana COO? I will try to get some information because i have a huge group in my country that would like to have such meetup so we can organise it for safex -let you know guys if i know something


Yes, I think all members of Safex team are very active on social media. @dandabek answer very quickly on twitter and discord so maybe we can ask him directly :smile:


We can create some group for meetups?


I agree! I will create one for international meetups