Safex Wallet v7 with Migration Tools has been released


It’s here. The wallet you’ve all been waiting for. Version 7 of the Safex wallet, with built-in function to convert your old Safe Exchange Coins over to the new blockchain.

You can download a copy from the official Safex Developers Github:

At the time of writing this, the Windows and MacOS versions have been published, with the Ubuntu version to follow ASAP.

Obviously, it’s still fresh. Tomorrow Safex News will publish a tutorial video explaining the functions, and also doing a live migration transaction. In the short-term, a quick tour video will be uploaded for those curious to see what new features has been uploaded:

EDIT - I’ve created a second video which explains the migration process:


Awesome! i will start migrating as soon as i get home tomorrow. it’s great to finally get off the bitcoin blockchain, now the focus can be on marketplace developement


This is huge! So many people have been waiting for this wallet. Great work guys! :clap::clap:


Finally Safex is moving to its own blockchain!
Big things ahead :trophy:


Safex reached significant milestone and the quality is there for everyone to see; really looking forward to what Safex delivers next


Congratulations to Safex community !:blush:


New wallet :hugs: Safex on Safex blockchain! Great! :star_struck:


And the airdrop?


The airdrop happens when you convert your Safex to the new blockchain.

You have up to 12 months to do this.


I started migrations, how long does it last?


mine took 16 minutes I think


I’ve just uploaded this video for anyone who needs help:


Thank you @Rich.bate for this Guide and the excellent job you did in documenting clearly all the steps to successfully perform the Safex Blockchain Swap Migration & Airdrop :+1:


I finished the migration, you know how to add a new wallet with my new safex address. ? I chose the New Address during the migration and saved the data in the txt file


thanks, this video is helping me out big time :smiley:


You can’t in wallet v7, that will be possible with v8 as soon as released


Wallet v8 release will follow soon, maybe even this month


Big thank you for the guide. Migration went very smoothly. :smile::+1: