Safex Wallet v6 April 16, 2018


Ah, its there. Balance shown… Thanks so much for the help!!!


You’re welcome! Glad we sorted it out.


Yes @boris_s nice find, the balances don’t automatically show while they are in the archive. Thanks for point it out :pray:


Just made another purchase, takes about 30 minutes to transfer from Trade Satoshi to safex wallet and every thing cool. Perhaps the dollar value showing a bit high but no panic.


Just wondering where the price of Safex is coming from , Just now Safex are trading at 0.028 Dollars and the wallet has Safex at 0.0375.


I could be wrong, but I think its the price Safex is sold on the website?


Thanks, I would also presume the same after you pointed it out


Добрый день

скачал новый кошелек 0,6 на счету баланс ноль,в чем проблема подскажите!


I bought safex tokens on Monday using btc from my coindesk account. I recorded my private and public keys and got confirmation of a successful transaction.
I am unable to view my tokens on can you help me please


How do I upgrade the wallet?


After around 10.00 you can see how to upgrade your wallet


Does anybody know when will new version of the wallet be released? :rocket:


Hello there, i need help to transfer my tokens from safex wallet to tradesatochi. when i click send in safex wallet it says i do not have enough btc, i have 0.001282btc in my safex wallet and the btc fee for fast transfer is 0.00001969btc. when ever i click send the system pump this boring message “not enough btc to cover fee” . please tell me how i can withdraw my safex. i use Win7pro, safexwalletv6 thanks for help.


Thats sounds strange. Is the btc on the same address as safex? You can try to manually input the btc fee, see if it helps.


Did you solve the problem? :man_mechanic:


not yet…


hello, thks, btc and safex were not in the same address, i transfer btc to the same adress as safex, it works, i already transfer safex to tradesatoshi. It shows unconfirmed at tradesatoshi, i think it will be confirmed. Thanks again.


hello, problem is solved thks, plz read post above.


Glad you got it sorted out! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update. However, do you plan to add the ability to input your private key if you’ve been storing your SafeX in a paper wallet as I have?