Safex Wallet v6 April 16, 2018


Ah, its there. Balance shown… Thanks so much for the help!!!


You’re welcome! Glad we sorted it out.


Yes @boris_s nice find, the balances don’t automatically show while they are in the archive. Thanks for point it out :pray:


Just made another purchase, takes about 30 minutes to transfer from Trade Satoshi to safex wallet and every thing cool. Perhaps the dollar value showing a bit high but no panic.


Just wondering where the price of Safex is coming from , Just now Safex are trading at 0.028 Dollars and the wallet has Safex at 0.0375.


I could be wrong, but I think its the price Safex is sold on the website?


Thanks, I would also presume the same after you pointed it out


Добрый день

скачал новый кошелек 0,6 на счету баланс ноль,в чем проблема подскажите!


I bought safex tokens on Monday using btc from my coindesk account. I recorded my private and public keys and got confirmation of a successful transaction.
I am unable to view my tokens on can you help me please


How do I upgrade the wallet?


After around 10.00 you can see how to upgrade your wallet