Safex Wallet Development Update May 28, 2017


I personally think the conference should have been live streamed, will we be able to see the presentation at some stage?




Does anyone know what the conference is called?


expect an official update later in the day, meeting with new partners taking full effect from our travels :+1: :+1:


@dandabek That’s good, can’t wait to get more info about that conference and to get an update on the wallet :smiley:


First post here

Just want to say one of the most professional looking projects and team around very impressed cant wait to use the wallet thanks for all your hard work guys.


Your a nice guy Dan, If you were an animal I would say your a cute Koala Bear LOooOoooL, Please that conference vidddy soon!

Will be the greatest bud Everz!!!

From the Uk

Baaap BaaaaP


Appreciate the community communication here. :+1:


@dandabek Thanks for the update.