Safex wallet BTC balance



I’ve got 16318 safexs in my wallet however showing only 0.00001092 btc, is this correct?

According to Trade Satosshi the BTC/Safex exchange rate is 0.00000185BTC for one Safex, if this is the case I should own 0.0301883 BTC.

is this right or am I missing something here, I just want to migrate my all safex into the new safex blockchain but apparently I don’t own enough BTCs

Hope someone can help or clarify.




No, this are two different coins, your safex is 0.03 worth, but you don’t own both coins.


The old Safex Blockchain is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. So your old Safex address holds both Safe Exchange Coins and Bitcoin.

What you’ve highlighted is how much Bitcoin is on the address - not how much your Safex is worth in Bitcoin.

It doesnt auto-convert from Safex to BTC to cover the cost of migration. You will need around $1-2 USD worth of Bitcoin on the address to cover the cost.


Thanks, well explained.