Safex - the Next Step in the Evolution of Online Shopping


We need a trustless e-commerce platform more urgently than ever. Luckily, projects such as Safex are decentralizing the ownership and governance of platforms. This will make the shopping trustless. Privacy is our given right, and we shouldn’t have to compromise it for anyone. :point_down:


This piece of content is for sure the future of online shopping!


If you are interested in e-commerce, you should definitely read this text!:hugs::woman_technologist:


Thank you @john1 for this article. Here is how you will buy and sell goods and services in near future. I recommend everyone to read it. :raised_hands::clap::clap::clap:


This is why we need to decentralize e-shopping. I don’t want e-commerce platform, like Amazon, to have:

Record of everything I’ve purchased/browsed
Items they think I’ll like
Credit cards used, incl expired ones
Saved WiFi passwords
Songs played using Amazon Music
Everything I’ve ever asked Alexa
Pics/files stored on Amazon Drive
My home/work address


And I don’t want to pay Amazon 20% referral fee + listing fee + Visa/PayPal fee. On the top of that, I have to wait 14 days to get the money.


I always loved the idea integrating blockchain into the traditional ecommerce platforms so participants on e.g. Safex marketplace can enjoy the global access to while not having their profits eaten by greedy ecommerce platforms.


People should realize by now, widespread crypto commerce is coming