SAFEX Shareholder Earnings Calculation


10% of 2,147,483,648 is 214,748,364
1% of 2,147,483,648 is 21,474,836
0.1% of 2,147,483,648 is 2,147,483


There is much to be explored in the weeks ahead as the Chille Blockchain begins to coalesce. The SAFEX Team has been working diligently over this period and continues to do so. The Whitepaper will provide what I imagine will be a possible way forward. The openness to input and feedback that Dan & Team have demonstrated along the way suggests to me that once the whitepaper is published, SAFEX investors will have ample room to respond. I am hopeful that the critiques will land as positively amongst the Team and investors as they possibly can. We all are clearly invested in the long-term viability of this project. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. No Blockchain project with a sustainable approach will manifest as such. It will quickly realize extinction in this highly competitive market space.

Looking forward to the whitepaper and a collaborative and cooperative interaction with other investors and the SAFEX Team as we collectively move this vision forward.


you right, ment to say 0.01% and 210k safex


Will there be an option to reinvest the chille coins into more safex?


Yes, smartest thing you can do


Are chille coins going to be a great investment like safex? How much will chille be worth at launch? Lastly, when are chille coins launching?

Quick Poll: In your opinion which is going to provide a better ROI - Chille or Safex?


i believe its gonna start with 500k but there is 21million of them like bitcoin, they just need to be mined. i assume its going to be worth way more than safe ex


As in ROI or just worth more per unit due to limited supply.


Chille coin isn’t designed as a store of value (although it does have value), it’s more created to be used to pay the fees/costs associated with the transaction.

Safex is designed to be used as a store of value.


miners most likely not get a split and will only get their reward


So the official projections for the SAFEX dividend came out a few days ago. It’s much better than I expected! Looking forward to next year when the marketplace starts functioning.