SAFEX - SafeExchangeCoin


Wallet is in maintenance, waiting for v6.


The wallet is in maintenance, bitcoin node is being relocated at the moment.

Previous version will be back up later today; and v6 is being wrapped up for delivery


thanks now its clear way it not sync:joy:


Safex Pump :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


What happened there? And when will it stay at this price for good? :slight_smile:


where can we even trade safex now? just trade satoshi?


For now only can trade on until we launch the Safex Blockchain sometime in the next month.

At that time we will move to list on more exchanges.




this is going to be big.


Looks like Daniel’s recent comments on Dascoin might have led to revenge selling (dumping) by some members of that MLM scheme. Probably not the best idea for Daniel to have done that if he wants to keep the price growing, yet I am glad that Safex has dissociated itself from the Dascoin, once and for all. Probably better for the long run.

Bizzare to be dumping just ahead of major software releases. Speaking of which…

I’ve been waiting for the dip to accumulate some more Safex prior to the blockchain release, migration, and airdrop. So, cheers to this price :+1: :+1:


Thanks god Safex price is stable for a while so I could buy more. Also, I set up rigs and I’m waiting for the Main Net to start accumulating Safex Cash. I expect Safex Cash to be at least 10 dollar. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

What do you think?


Not sure what time period are you talking about. I think it is hard to hit that price buy the end of the year or so, but in the next few years it is totally possible. Looking forward to it!

By the way, what do you think about the Safex cash emission curve and how it is going to affect the price?


I was thinking about last 10 days… Price is about 2.3 cents :sunglasses:
About Safex Cash price estimation… I think it is going to skyrocket after release and adoption of marketplace.


Looking for the crumbs here, enjoying scalping this one. Thanks Dabek for the setting up them cheap coinz!


More for me! :moneybag:


What price are you waiting to accumulate?


I’m already buying but I hope it will go bellow 230 satoshies.


safex cash at least 15 $ in my opinion very possible. Usability of that coin is so huge and so many perspectives… i cant wait for airdrop


I can’t wait to use Safex Cash and buy some real product like a cup or a t-shirt. I’m even thinking about setting some shop on Safex markeplace. :eyes:


What would you offer in the shop? Got any product already?