SAFEX - SafeExchangeCoin


lmao, yeah i figured it out thanks. hahaha

I am transferring my funds to my wallet now. So happy with my purchase!!


Buying thousands USD more of Safex as I write this!


I hope you waited for a bit to get more safex per buck because the price has been dropping since you posted this. Or was that buying a typo?


Not a typo. Bought more at 305 sats. I could only liberate more funds yesterday.


EVERYBODY! Check out the website. The dividend calculator has been released! The potential returns are AMAZING. With my current holdings and a conservative 1% fee based on $1 billion/yearly trade volume, I’ll be taking in $500/month!!!


Man, i’m very curious about the estimates on trade figures


I looked on the website downloads and cannot find the dividend calculator. Can anyone give a link? thanks.


It’s on the front page
Just scroll down until you find it, or search using ctrl f


Yeah, I just realized it could be a webpage calculator and looked further and found it. Thanks!


Dear all,

Just wanted to say

There is a CONTEST going on in OTHER TOPICS about Price prediction…

Its fun and the winner gets Safex 1000

Cheers to all


It’s unbelievable how this coin is not AT LEAST 600 sats currently. What a great project. Japan is super exciting! SO MUCH MONEY READY TO BE INVESTED THERE. Dan is an excellent public speaker. He’s going to sell this BIG TIME over in Tokyo.


It’s going UP!


I see 400 sats by tomorrow night! LETS BLOW THROUGH THIS SELL WALL!


What another pump-n-dump?

Blowing through a sell wall is only going to make the whale profit and when the price drops again as always happens after a pump then the people who buy now have all paid more than they needed to and the whale gets to buy at the low price when it drops. And this means the whale has more safex to do another wall again.


Oh wait I see.


It’s all good !


Not while people here who are trying to get their small amounts of safex (to join the safex project) are being encouraged to buy at higher than necessary prices so that a whale can profit from their wall. By encouraging a “wall buy out” the whale themselves don’t have to join the forum to do the pump, but its being done for them.

The best way to buy is to buy as low as possible and don’t buy all at once, but buy smaller amounts but more often and not to buy while the price is shooting up. Because like now it has dropped from the 300 to 285, some 5% lower. And will drop lower in the next day or two.

Buying out a wall is folly unless you can but it out completely and keep the price rising, otherwise the whale (wall builder) will simply buy more when the price eventually drops to a smaller amount than what their wall was. And then they will do the same all over again — set up wall, newbies try and buy it out, whale buys when price drops gaining 5-10% more coin and rinse/repeat. Oh wait you know already, well at least others may learn.


Just sit on it. The fact is it takes a lot of hard work to get these thing established, and just a little bit on luck. These guys clearly do the hard work, so that’s one of our bases covered already :wink:


Hi, i would like to see today’s distribution of coins… link above is broken…

Dan, is there another working omni address?


hi guys, ive been out of the game for a while and im facing some issues with the safex wallet.

I have stored all my safex into the safex wallet 0.0.2. I was able to access it a few weeks ago and it synced.

Today when i open my safex wallet, it does not sync and i cannot see my balance. I was planning to import the key and export it to the new wallet but since it is not syncing, i am not able to do this.

any help!?

thanks in advanced!