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when will SAFEX moon


Dyamanaka’s post kinda sums that up… Unless it gets pumped and dumped. Gotta wait for for a spike from news, or for chille…


The new website updates and the purchase of safex direct from site is great!


Agree with @aston! This people are working non stop to give us what we need…


This is exactly the type of person that should not have invested in this coin anyway…you obviously invested too much to stomach a bear market. You are the frustrating part in this equation and thread my friend. I hope you move on


Safex team going to promote the business in Asia ! This is huge!


It’s just the beginning :wink:


Moving slowly up…


there are only 2,147,483,647 in circulation and that is the amount that ever will be, this is impossible


I thought he said 200 billion too at first.

But he said 200,393,873 decimal 328 according to the commas and dot. That is just over 200 million or around 10% of all safex


Is there a xyz platform or a walllet out there?


Wallet is right next to where you found the forums.


Safex network continues to expand it is 7x bigger than in June


30+ btc worth of safex about to be dumped on bittrex 12 m worth :cry: set to dump at .000000250 sitting at 247-249 right now heads up


Just a sell wall put there by some whale. They have been doing this since the pump-n-dump that saw 800 then drop to 200. If anyone buys from the wall the whale puts a buy in at a lower price to catch those trying to sell. The wall is there to make sure anyone who really wants to sell has to sell at a lower price than the wall.

Basically that wall shows a whale wants to buy under 250

safex is being manipulated for the time being. That whale has 100 million they transferred to bittrex a while ago.

If you want to buy then buy small amounts but more often over time. You will get more safex in most likely hood and not be feeding the whale.


Perfect response appreciate it


How far do you guys think safex will go? $100, $50, $25, $10, $5, $1? Also, how long until we get there?


My guess is that we will see more big pumps-n-dumps around each major announcement date for the next (i dunno) six? months. Watch for the ones saying gotta to buy now before it jumps (or goes to the moon). We had a number of them leading up to the wallet release and they are now quiet, yet now is a much better time to buy than during the peak of the pump.

The pumpers are selling when others are buying around the peak price. Thats why they are eager to get others to buy, because they bought before the pump causing the pump, then selling at over twice the price.

I’d say the next pump-n-dump will go over 1000 sats since the last one went to 800. So 5 cents then drop again as most markets do. It might drop to 400 seeing as this one dropped to 200-250

Until safex is more evenly distributed this pump-n-dump cycle will continue.


I recently created a new wallet and it is saying I have a balance of $4000+ bitcoin and a little safex. Is this someone elses wallet? If not, what is going on? I don’t want to deposit my money with this glitch. Can someone please provide reassurance or an explanation.


that’s the price of bitcoin and the price of safex lol