SAFEX - SafeExchangeCoin


It’s killing me that I can’t buy more now lol I have 15k invested in safex…well alot less at the current price :thinking: lol
Maybe one of my 6 kids can loan me some money hahahA. But yes buy that wall plz lol


I took a stab at it…knocked off .7 BTC ! Not much but all I could right now…


Are you insinuating that research and patience are keys to trading? How dare you! Patience didn’t get us to the moon back in 69 and it won’t now!!! Being sarcastic of course, that is very sound advice. With trading platforms mostly just showing the past couple of weeks in half hour increments, it’s almost designed to foster FOMO, and can make it difficult to see long term trends. Patience is very key.


Buy wall just dissapeared !


The question is now, was it removed or eaten through?


It was definitley removed…12 minutes ago there was still 54.1021 BTC remaining on it…No way any one came along and bought that much in a matter of seconds ! So whoever had it there didnt really want to sell but keep the price down


Well the good news is that it’s gone and the price will have the chance to rise a bit. The bad news is that the wall will probably just be reset a little higher and once the rise levels out, a lot of individuals will fold trying to salvage their losses, and we’ll spend another couple of days/weeks at the new wall.


what app or website do you guys use for active trading? Just Bitrex?


I just use Bittrex really,


But I’m not a trader, I am in all Positions on all coins Medium to Long term


HAHAHAHA I love these guys wasting time with charts trying to predict a non-regulated, penny stock market! Hilarious.


Im back again! I was blocked yesterday (just got reply maximum :slight_smile: ) and cant reply.
Hmm price was washed like I thinked :frowning:


Look at the price now. In your words is a sound of truth, but my frend know how big whales pumping and dumping. And this price rise it was pump and use public hope and then they dumped the money. And guess what will happen next?


What is happening right now is perfectly normal. Consolidation at 1.1-1.5 will last a week or two. That is a 200-300% gain for most people. Whales who bought 20-50 million shares are more than happy with tripling their money in 2-3 weeks and have dumped for the past week. Every coin that has been around for a year or more has lived this. A chart will not predict trends in this market. Charts are used by financial institutions to predict future trends of “average” companies by studying past investments based on multiple factors "profits, liquidity, debt, market share, etc etc. This cannot be applied to SAFEX or any similar stock because all factors are unknown except for a white paper and the fact that they haven’t vanished and likely will get this project done.


Mayday mayday, we are sinking :frowning:


This may or may not mean anything because I have no idea what this guy uses to make his predictions, but over on, its moderator, “GDSL” from Oslo, Norway who seems to have started out in 2013 as a bitcoin forecaster ( is currently forecasting long and short term outlooks for 67 alt coins. He uses two graphs for each coin, a short-term graph and a long-term graph.

The graphs display a red line for future price declines, with a green line indicating an upward trend. Most of the alts he forecasts are either mixed (long term up, short term down, or vice versa) or short term and long term down, which is consistent with the high attrition rate of alt coins.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Out of 67 coins forecasted, only 6 (Safex, Neo, Iota, Aragon, B.A.T, and show both long and short term rises. He says Safex should be worth about 6 cents by the end of 2017.(But he also believes that BTC will be worth $9200 at the end of 2017.)

As I said, I have no idea what his methodology is- like everyone else he probably reads white papers (problematic with SAFEX as there is still no white paper available online- only a 3 year-old abstract, which I find a little worrisome), looks at the dev team, sees the niche the coin proposes to inhabit and its proposed function in that niche, and recent events.

It’s notable to me that even with the recent problems with the wallet roll out that he predicts an eventual sharp rise in the price of Safex.


It’s possible… Read an article about how billions of dollars are being pulled from stocks and bonds especially precious metals this year and last few years… To be put into crypto


I don’t get why his predictions go negative…


Hi all,

I’ve been slowly increasing my SAFEX position over the last few weeks and keeping track of some things I like to watch on Bittrex markets.

Something I’ve noticed the last week is that the amount of SAFEX registered for sale on Bittrex is crazy. As I write this, there is 200,393,873.328 SAFEX for sale.

Although everyone is talking about whales creating the recent sell wall that is depressing the value, I’ve noticed they aren’t the only ones contributing to the price depression.

For example: there is currently a sell order on Bittrex for 195k SAFEX at the rate of 1:1 to BTC…Seriously…That order is doing nothing other than adding to the total SAFEX for sale and thus making it look like a fire sale.

I have 9k of SAFEX for sale that is laddered and doesn’t cross the 1k Satoshis line. I think that is about all I feel is reasonable to post for sale without adding to value depression. Believe me, I have a whole lot more I could turn over for a quick buck, but I wouldn’t as it would cannibalise the overall long-term value of my position.



Each trader has their own “reasons” why they are selling. We can’t blame those who bought in for quick profit. Most youtube promoters focus on capital gain opportunities. A few mention SAFEX passive income. But no one knows what kind passive income we’ll gain from holding SAFEX.

It is what it is… until Chille is launched and the marketplace gets adopted. It may even take a year after launch before merchants and consumers realize the benefit of a “decentralized marketplace.” Great marketing will accelerate Chille adoption when the time comes.

Today’s crypto environment is insanely hostile! There are massive price fluctuations over short periods of time, similar to penny stocks. Even ICOs that become “real working networks” are heavily traded for capital gains. Unfortunately, there’s no reason to “permanently” hold these coins because the coin itself owns nothing. The only way to gain is to buy low and sell high, which is exactly what people are “trying” to do.

There are a few out there, like myself, who buy and sell to acquire more SAFEX. Permanently holding SAFEX is a great alternative to running a mining operation.