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Just look at the facts. You know who is the fact? The price. Price allways telling the truth.
Just answer to all forum members the ultimate question why just 76,000,000(BID) whant to buy safex and 270,000,000(ASK) want to sell. Why more people trying sell than buy? And they can’t.
Just google supply demand theory on the google.


You’re not being very specific. Although he’s right generally in that most altcoins will sink into obscurity ( a look at’s historical snapshot page is very instructive here), you don’t give any specific reasons for your friend’s pessimism. Any knucklehead can project a line on a graph leading to 0, but it’s a lot more complex than that.

As a matter of fact, after you sold out, SAFEX increased in price from $.0101 to $010674. A cardinal rule in this game is do not panic sell. Watch the videos with Dan Dabek. He’s a young kid who got out too far ahead of his skis, but he’s no pump and dumper, and he and his team believe in their project.

For the time being I’ll stick with the guy who has vision and commitment. That doesn’t mean I won’t cash out sometime in the future, but I’m keeping close watch on this. At this point I’m $750 underwater with SAFEX, which will hurt but not ruin me. I can afford to wait.


You don’t even say on which exchange this BID/ASK ratio is. Be more specific, and I said.


First normal answer! Thanks for the different view. But I will stay with my opinions and buy at ~60 satoshi.


Now it’s at .010861. It looks like it bottomed out at .0101. I was going to sell myself at .0100 and cut my losses but it didn’t quite fall that far. Let’s see how it does during the next few hours/days. 60 SATs is like 2/10ths of one cent (.002) in USD. If it falls that far Dabek and co. may as well close up shop because it’ll be game over for them. (I just checked on coinmarketcap again and it’s .010969).


I cross the fingers for you :wink:


Well thanks.


Price not going past 300 unless some one comes in with over 100 BTC …Any one sitting on that kinda Wedge :smile:


Whales, where you? We are here! :smile:
Help for us rise the price! We have a lot of plankton :smile:


Look at the ASK 290 satoshi, 11mln coins one shark want to sell off… :frowning:
Shark, go home! And let us go up.


Can I suggest, as one who has seen this all before and learnt his lesson. Don’t try and rise the price against the whales. This whale(s) has put up 100 BTC worth and as Dan showed us there was about 3 times that transferred into bittrex.

So you will be simply pissing against the wall and the price will do nothing.

Its actually better to let the whale sell and hold back buying till after that and the price will be cheaper and you end up with more safex than you will by attacking the walls. Buy slowly and cheaply.


I just put another $1500 into Safex at 268 satoshi. It’s like Xmas has come early.


Yes, is one of many strategys.


I think one ~12mln just come back. (not me)
And I think price will rise up. And I back to the game again. Maybe I later cry or go to drink the champagne.
(I cant post more replies(day limit), I willwrote here)
YES, Im trader, but not whale :slight_smile:
We will see what will happen next, because 2 more whales coming. I so someone anomaly to 12mln whale, but I waiting for more sings what happen next.
Edited (12:37 PM, GMT):
I sold my coins. I so big whale, but something is wrong with price. I think the price will sink down.


RichardG…Didn’t you say you sold all your coins and that this is going to Primary Levels ?!!

I don’t get your angle here at all !


Anyone who sells 20+ million is obvious a trader and whatever they say in relation to trading is designed to benefit themselves.

I say things from learning due to my lack of resources. My trading has allowed me to add to my small resources.

For instance if a big trader says they are buying then really they want you to buy fast and quick for fear of missing out (FOMO) and then they are selling into the buys as the price pumps.

If a big trader says they are selling then they are really wanting you to sell fast and often for fear of losing money (FOMO) and then they are buying what you are selling as the price drops.

Often a big trader comes in as an excited newbie or investor and says that xyz coin is great and they are buying as much as possible because the coin is going to the moon. Sound familiar? Often its a coordinated pump team so it sounds more realistic.

Most times its best to buy or sell slowly and not because you fear missing out. Overall you will be better off buying or selling slowly and often rather than trying to catch the next big move.


Rob thanks for sharing but something tells me Richard is not playing that game !


Maybe maybe not. Its difficult to tell, but remember to sell 21 million suggests that one has a plan.


Theres a buy wall of 21mil at 300. Watch it’s him getting back in lol


Its a sell wall …And we about to hit it ! Can we all just Chip in and buy it so we can get past this and move on !