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Look you are right, extra people to work on the project would be of great benefit. No doubt about that. But this project started off with around 50K$. So no money there to hire extra people, so where is the money to come from.

But its easy to be all high and mighty and tell him to hire more people when you profited a cool 1/2 million by your account/evidence.


I don’t think it’s a matter of having money for extra team members, it’s a matter of finding the right member for the right job. Safex is obviously long term and is still up 100%+ since a few weeks ago. Everyone leaving now are just people taking profits to hop on the next train. When eventually Safex gets bigger, those same investor hop on the Safex train again to take another profit.


They will expand, it just takes time to find the right person for a specific job.


Its both.


Dan makes no money from people buying selling safex. Its like the stock market, once the company sells the shares the company makes no more money from the share trading. And the team make no money from people buying/selling. Dan got all the money at the ICO.


Dan makes no money from people buying selling safex. Its like the stock market, once the company sells the shares the company makes no more money from the share trading. And the team make no money from people buying/selling. Dan got all the money at the ICO.

I didn’t mean to say that gains on stock market increases profit for Safex themselves, sorry for that confusion.


At this time if people want to buy safex then the best way to buy is to use Dan’s program that buys small amounts at regular intervals and so as the market moves down they can take advantage of the lower price. Buying big right now is only giving extra money to the whales selling. Buying a few coins at a time with the program means the price will drop for a while since the whales are selling big time, but it will recover when the time is right. And you benefit from buying at a lower price too.


Since the crowdsale we had to pivot to our own development. I’ve spent ~1 year consulting in the blockchain space earning a great deal in fees. As well as wise speculations.

This is how we are able to fund the existing team. We still have room for more developers, although we’ve just opened the doors to the company 1 month ago. We have everything we need to get the job done.

  1. Blockchain
  2. Designs
  3. UI

One more developer will help a lot to deal with user facing developments. We have criteria if you are not from Belgrade we won’t hire because in this stage I refuse to hire remote developers. Loyalty and reliability is at play here.

I am not worried about someone who bought for 5$ cashed out 100,000$ and then has an opinion :wink: They have no stake in this anymore. Congratulations, have fun :smiley:

When you take ownership of safex coins, you become a partner of the community. It’s up to you to add value in your way. I’m a generally big holder which I purchased from the market, and I am giving my 100% personally to the endeavor. I guarantee we will see Chille developed and the chille dividends flowing into the Safex holders.


No dobut. Holding 1 000 000 Safex that was bought at .580-.595 sats. This is a great project. Out of 900 or so companies out there all my btc is held in what I think are the top 6 best projects. In 1 year from now I’m bringing this post back up while sitting on my yatch in Monaco and buying a Lamborghini through the Chille Market.
Thank you Dan for making us reap the benefits of your idea ,hard work and goals


I’m worried because of safex drop, I have bought alot at 480 sat and now it is droping to 340 sat… please is the coin safe for hold?


Any reason why SAFEX is falling out of the sky?


Guys, please let Dan do his developing work. The price drop has nothing to do with the Team,the Wallet or Chille and remember -you lose $ only when you sell your coins. It is a long term project and given its current price it will attract smart investors.


By your question, I can see that you aren’t a day trader. That being said, you bought into safe ex because it may have looked like something that has promise for you. Hopefully you actually researched it before putting money into it. Something like this is a long term investment, several years. You buy it at less than a cent or two cents as it is around right now, and then you come back later, and see if it has grown at all, which it will if the team is successful at keeping to their roadmap, and making their system do something that catches the eyes of bigger investors or companies. Patience. Only invest what you can right off as a loss right now. If you can’t afford to take a loss, then don’t invest into any type of thing period. This will prop back up sooner or later, as long as the team doesn’t implode and ditch it. Have faith, be patient, and don’t stress, and remember don’t put money into something, if you actually need the money in the current.


Where can one take a look at Dan’s program?


RULE #1.
You only LOSE money when you sell!!!

This is absolutely one of the most promising long term high growth opportunities you’ll see in the space.

The dip in price is simple…some whales cashed out and made a profit, then moved on to the next one.

They were not believers in the Project, only believers in the money…that’s okay, good luck to them…but that’s also the reason why SAFEX was born…to help destroy this bullshit obsession with centrally controlled corporate money and the false belief that “profit is good at the expense of others”

f you’re an investor in SAFEX then you are part of the solution (not the problem), stay calm, keep buying while you can still afford to…Dan and his team are creating a free and uncontrolled platform for millionaires to be born and made, completely out of the control of the Central Bankers…true freedom for those who understand our future :wink:

And remember, when in doubt…see Rule #1.



Look at this post where Dan says he added autobuy


Agree, times like this I close my eyes and buy. And then buy some more. If I believe in the product and trust the management, it pays off. Doubled down today. And will continue to do so, if needed.


Yes me too, I only own a small amount due to my financial circumstances, but doubled down too at 305 Satoshis


Guys, sorry I sold out my all coins. My frend works at investment bank, in China and told me safex and other small cap coins go down to the ICOs prices.
This analysis maybe can help to save your last money.
If you have other analysis, please share. Thanks.


If you are sold out what are you still doing in this thread? Tell your friend to get a real job! what a nonsense drawings.