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@Safety1st you’re probably right, that address 1MCU1hVzxp4tvwDRgZ6KwRUhZYQzq2XoNq could be cryptopia but it frequently transfers between bittrex because of arbitrage…

Chart is kind of smashed from that 10,000 satoshi candle…

somethings to look out for a 53m pending deposit to bittrex (pending because the fee was too small to get it through)


bad sign ppl are dumping the coin :frowning:


53m safex transfer succeeded, so you can understand where the selling pressure is really coming from.


These flash crashes are certainly being caused by a whale. 15 mins ago, it dropped from around 500 to 460 in the course of two minutes.

By a whale or some dumb automated systems used by lots of people.


Best solution to counter whales is to not sell your coin or put them at 1$ each this way if enough people are doing it price will rise up if there is too much demand vs people agreeing to give up their coin at a cheap price :slight_smile:


Elistios president!!


haha Personaly I don’t expect to sell mine so I’m simply not selling :wink:


Im hodling too, just bought some more safex in that price :smiley:


SAFEX Patience and balls of steel required



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Nice to meet you @thomasS you sold 29 million safex? proof?


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So you cash out 80x return and tell me we need a new manager, LOL

ICO raised 50,000$ the real money going into safex comes from my own earnings over the past year.5 since the ico.

Don’t come here to FUD people into selling to you cheaper.


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How much did you profit?


Where have you been all this time?


I can confirm the ICO amount is correct. I was there etc.

This is so easy to say

And sounds like you are wanting people to sell so you can buy back. You have what? 8 BTC buy at 300-308

If he did it right about 10x your ICO amount


Stating that there is a 70.600 BTC worth of asks doesn’t say much actually. There are always people asking a ridiculous high amount of BTC, therefore asks will always be unproportionally high. Example on bittrex:

0.10000000 BTC price asked for 57632.36837500 coins, which is only about 865 dollars worth of coins right now, but it increased the total asks with almost 6.000 BTC.

If you really are this big of a whale and that familiar with crypto, you know this. But you still saying what you said today makes me think you are doing nothing more then spreading FUD so price drops so you can buy cheaper and increase your own profits.

Also, your timeframe for 2-3 years before an increase is totally unfounded. You only have speculations but not a single decent argument, that’s textbook spreading FUD.