SAFEX - SafeExchangeCoin


Nah, I don’t have any reason. Any last chance sales on Safex before the rocket to 1 cent would be great for anyone. I’ve already made to my desired position several days ago, so i’m all good.


I’m not giving financial advice here but If I was interested in purchasing Safex I wouldn’t panic buy and get FOMO it’s not like the price is going to rocket and never return. I’m sure we will see price changes in each direction valued at 50-100 sats, it always happens.


This is a personal question but I’m curious what do you think a good number is of the amount of coins to get up to before Poland? I’m at 200k but I’m thinking I should raise it ? I know its what you can afford etc, I’m just curious, at this stage what people are aiming for ?


What you’re willing to lose.


Yes totally agree! I am considering a cap of 1mil coins just wondered if that sounded crazy ?


If you store them safely off public networks and on your own private keys why not :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I must do that is the private and public key maker on SEC site ok to use ? Thank you for your opinions BTW


Follow this guide on another post How do I store offline safex coins from bittrex?


Thank you. I intend to hold and hope the Dev team work out the online market place, I really, hope it works as they intend it to, It will bring about huge opportunity to trade.


One of the things I like to do is look at the distribution statistics to see how many of the top 50 holders have recent transactions. Even with the recent run up only 6 out of the top 50 are moving their coins (not counting the Bittrex and Cryptopia wallets. I’m assuming the 1MCU1hVzxp4tvwDRgZ6KwRUhZYQzq2XoNq address is Crypotopia.)

That’s a really good sign IMO.


according to my analysis they are consistently selling their safex, if you see almost robotically they deposit and sell to bittrex. seems they’re almost out of coins… been watching that one all month


Thanks Daniel!




Bittrex trading is closed right now for safex


thanks for the video update @CryptoThoughts


No problem, I love doing these updates for the community


Wow, so good energy here! This community is awesome! Safex to the moon!



Looks like we are going back up, hodl on tight.


I’m confused. Cryptocompare has it at $0.01832 whereas Coinmarketcap has it at $0.021639. Anyone any idea which it is? :slight_smile: