SAFEX - SafeExchangeCoin


It’s always good to diversify, mate. I believe in the project wholeheartedly, but I see the things going very well by reaping the rewards of my other alt coin holdings, too.


It’s good to diversify to like 1 or 2 other alt coins. Right now i’m also investing into ANS/NEO


I’m interested in NEO, myself. It has been surprisingly stable. Good for minimizing some risk here and there.


While I don’t agree everything Warren Buffet is doing, mostly because I think there is more to it than simple one liners: but this one resonates really well with my view of the world:

When Warren lectures at business schools, he says, “I could improve your ultimate financial welfare by giving you a ticket with only 20 slots in it so that you had 20 punches—representing all the investments that you got to make in a lifetime. And once you’d punched through the card, you couldn’t make any more investments at all.”

He says, “Under those rules, you’d really think carefully about what you did and you’d be forced to load up on what you’d really thought about. So you’d do so much better.”

To your point about diversify, some people are so diversified that they don’t even know what are qualifying economics what price to get in or get out. With that I think that thinking 10 times about something before getting is super important, and not FOMOing any coin is critical in making good decisions and living a healthy life.


Safe Exchange Coin is booming! Volume is a steadily increasing and sell walls are being eaten away. :raised_hands:


And what I can see its without the help of any youtube pump video


Long over due growth. It’s an interesting concept to see how this plays out with people buying having a benefit for holding.


Whats a food for thought ‘pro’ about this project beyond what it is as a tech is the fact that once its developed its system as a whole and its tokens see use instantly. Of course it needs its users but if you go and look at coins in the top 10 of the market cap most of them offer nothing (at this point in time and may not ever or will in a long times coming) and are just speculation.


Agreed. Most are built on the hopes of the next big thing but don’t deliver besides leaving many bag holding. With exchanges like btc-e being taken down, people will migrate to use a more secure block chain. Its will take off fast. Once enough people realize what the developers are trying to accomplish it will speak volumes to all the crypto communities.


Hodl on Everyone, we are going to the moon soon.


Looking forward to wallet launch. I’m predicting a little bump in price when that happens. Maybe $0.02.


Possibly. Note that Safex is up give or take 1000% in a couple months however you look at it


This will keep gaining traction as time goes on. Safe exchange is ranked 114 in market cap currently. When I bought in a few weeks ago it was at 153. Once the hype train hits it will move quickly. Im not even paying attention to its price right now. Just will hold and keep buying on every dip. This is a long term hold for myself.


Yep good tactic. I’m doing same.


With a large supply and strong growth already it might be harder to grow at that rate as weaker hands leave and long term holders cash out. Though, I don’t know what i’m talking about and I hope it pushes that price too :stuck_out_tongue:


By quickly i mean a year or so as more people use it. Shaking out weak hands is a good thing, less bag holders besides the typical whales accumulating coins. If this coin reached 50 cents one day I would be more than satisfied on this investment.
Plus I can see more services in the future like shapeshifter that will try to accomodate the Chilli marketplace making the chilli market place easier to use.


Imho but we shall see. Still exciting!


Very pumped to be here. 50c will be considered undervalued one day and will happen a lot sooner than most think, i’m a strong believer.


I wonder if we will see a decent dip before the 5th?


If we see strong movements in BTC, possibly. Otherwise it’s hard to see a substantial drop below 250 at this point. There is no reason for this as the growth we have seen over the last week has been natural and barely hype endured. If you can think of a reason for a drop please share. I find it hard to believe Safex will have a significant dip this close to a possible exposure breakout.