SAFEX - SafeExchangeCoin


Bought another 200k tonight. Couldn’t resist the drop. I’m sure it might drop more in the coming days but overall will be a good purchase.


I’m with you there. Did the same tonight, albeit another 100k. Should be closing in on a 1mm, which for me, reps my biggest position.


When is the wallet expected to be released? I’m sitting on over 300k atm.

Safe Ex is getting hammered atm!


To a degree, everything is getting hammered as people are moving their money into btc thinking they’re going to capitalize on the BCC split.


Yeah seems to be. I was thinking of converting everything to btc myself. Not sure…


You wouldn’t be alone in doing that although it’s not something I’m personally doing as selling off everything doesn’t make sense. The futures for bitcoin cash are at around $300 although that’s to be taken with a grain of salt.


That’s why I’m hesitant. The profit lost on my current investments when they bounce back compared to the btc cash I receive wouldn’t compare IMO.


If that’s where you stand, that sounds sensible. There is this belief that somehow they are going to get the full value of BTC plus say 20% on top if the futures are correct. I haven’t heard anyone suggesting that the total value of BTC would diluted between 2 coins. If BTC is currently worth 2700, then after the fork, if BCC is actually $300, why wouldn’t BTC drop to 2400? No one seems to be saying that but it would make sense. The general belief I gleaned from the brighter people I’ve listened to is that BCC is not likely to do much and whatever value it might have on day one, will be dumped and over by day’s end. Of course, there are other opinions but that’s what I’m inclined to listen to.


I also don’t get why Litecoin wouldn’t take off now. They’re on the lightning protocol, have years of practice at it and seem to be the coin that’s going to creep into the picture. Of course, it’s possible that LTC is superfluous with BCC on the horizon but I don’t see why they wouldn’t get love as a proven entity.


I agree with you 100%. I’ll sit tight and enjoy the ride. Good luck to everyone moving to btc, but I’m more cautious than most…


Doing a move to BTC or jumping on BCC looks like a trap to me…


Agreed. In some of the crypto work groups im in are saying the same. Most are thinking of making quick profit on bcc but I can see alot of errors happening and people losing money fast. Just been loading up my sec wallet while the price is down and switched out of bitcoin for now while all the fud is taking place. August should be an interesting month to say the least.


I did the same. Enjoying the spike right now with SEC!


Do you think the wallet release will impact SEC price?


Ofcourse! It should be an interesting week when it’s released. Alot of people I’ve seen on the different forums and few of the workplace groups im apart of have this coin on their radar and plan on investing once the wallet is released. I do expect a decent bump in price.


Could definitely hold your bitcoins on bittrex, and after you get the BCC do what you will… I am holding some in Bitcoin on sidelines personally to get about 10 BCC.


If you already own btc, then no probs. But IMO selling other alts and converting to btc is risky business.


I agree with you there @sec


I’m thinking about selling up all alts, and going all in with Safe Ex.

Sounds crazy, but I can only see this coin going up! I’m predicting a healthy gain by end of 2017.



This is just my opinion but I believe that by the end of the year the price should settle around 3-5cents if not more, doesn’t hurt to be optimistic! :sunglasses: