SAFEX - SafeExchangeCoin


What happens when the whale runs out of coins? Why would the whale want to suppress the price of their own investment?


The whales start selling low hoping to cause a chain panic sell, and once people start selling the whales just buy back in and possibly double their safeexchangecoin.


Daniel, maybe you are selling this big parts of sec coins ? :slight_smile:


That makes sense, thanks


@michalraczka I wish you wouldn’t think that, what have I done to make you think that (or you’re just kidding? :slight_smile: ) If it was me I wouldn’t sell here…

Once the whale runs out, safex will be more thoroughly distributed.

From my perspective, I am going to hold forever, and expect to make return on investment through Chille dividends.


Time to start proper trading discussion thread here. Its getting really exciting with these 100% moves. Look to do some charting, technical insights, hope to post any media i come across as early as i see it.

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Brittex froze mySEC coins. Whats that all about? Its not forking like Bitcoin so???


They are not frozen just takes more confirmations.


I bought in close to the peak but Im in for a longer run. More a gamble than anything. Im very new to trading. Heres hoping it goes through the roof. What is an expected time frame for a boom?


To shoot straight, the notion of booming is going to be less and less as the market matures. That said, everyone’s idea of a boom is different. You bought into a company that already has an eight figure valuation. The generally held belief is that the coin will experience an uptick when in August when the wallet is released and a more sizable bump towards the end of the year when the network goes live.


I think the same. Holding my coins since ICO. No plans to sell


Keep on buying more sec with every dip. Can’t resist these low prices.


What does it mean when the price is staying steady but the volume is going down?


It means its almost time to buy more :wink:


Lol I’m trying to accumulate 1 millions sec tokens before August.


Buying on every major dip


I’m just trying to grab over 100k lol


You should definitely try and grab another 200-300k more


where do you guys see the price going when the wallet is introduced? And when the exchange goes live? Has anyone seen what the cost will be for the Chille token?


I belive once the wallet is introduced, we should see the price go to at least 2 cents. I’m not sure about chille coins though.