SAFEX - SafeExchangeCoin


Good time to buy more!


So how goes the development? Are we finalizing it or still on hold?


high quality research :+1: :+1:


BTC and SAFEX disabled on while BIP 91 is in activation mode. No alarms necessary, just a heads up incase anyone was wondering what’s up.


For how long it will be disabled?


The hasing power needs to average out higher:
read this article for more information:

Look at the green line, until it reaches a much higher % it is not fully accepted by all nodes on the Bitcoin network. Bittrex is taking a precautionary measure until it is clear that there will not be a fork in the chain.


Nice to see logo updates, :+1: :+1:


Seeing a lot less selling pressure with each jump. Im getting the feeling that the initial speculators that came in with video vincent are taking a bit more HODL approach, as key support levels hold. series of higher lows on each pull back from sudden pump, looks very promising indeed.


There are some bigger buy orders on bittrex, positive signs.


Decentralized exchanges are the future and SafeX can lead the way.


few ticks higher here and we are off on a new up leg


nice orderly upward sloping chart with higher lows on each pull back and higher highs which each new leg up. Very nice healthy chart. Pushing through 300 with some conviction will result in a bit of a run, but 300 will be a challenge today. if a big buyer comes in those patient accumulators and HODL are going to get rewarded nicely.


Is it safe to keep my Safex coins on Bittrex past August 1st and until the release of the Safex Wallet?


Yes as far as the bitcoin forking situation, you should be perfectly okay.


This is likely stunting growth. Hopefully we see more holders past the release of the wallet.


Held 260 area today very well all day, worked through a lot of selling pressure. sell wall has come down significantly. back to 270 within the next few hours.


What do you guys think the price expectation will be for Safe exchange coin after the wallet is released? Alot of hype is trying to speculate from what I read 7 cents to 40 cents. Ideally I think with more holders and users breaking 1 cent is fiesable in the next month. However do you think a price point of 7 cents is possible in that short of time?
It seems alot of markets are still down still due to fud going on and will remain down with the August 1st soft fork.


Seems like a bot has been driving the price down. Shaking out weak hands and preventing new buys buy selling Into decent buy orders. Been observing that the past few days. My thoughts are a whale trying to accumulate as many coins from weak hands. Usually a sign of good news as it would seem that they expect a decent bump in price and able to control the market while the volume is still low.


Buy the dip! :rocket:


If I ever want to explain why price of safex went down I just check this site:

And you can see where people are sending coins to. We’ve had 1 whale who show stopped the 300s, and there is one address that consistently deposits coins to bittrex and sells. Better down here than up there I always say.

And too bad for them. I want to share this so that whoever reads gets this valuable insight. Just look at that list scan the recent transactions and you can see if they sent to the exchange’s address. Bittrex is the first address 1DUb2YYbQA1jjaNYzVXLZ7ZioEhLXtbUru